Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Ares & Thor

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Stan Lee has always said that he would draw from any sort of inspiration when creating new heroes. Hear something about cosmic rays in space? Fantastic Four! Reading about discoveries in radiation? Spider-Man and Hulk are born! Figuring out there are mutations in nature? X-Men are made and don’t even need an origin story! Running out of ideas for making a new hero? Well, good thing mythology can be used by anyone!

The fiercest member of the Mighty Avengers!

Ares isn’t a guy who gained super powers and took the name of Greek God of War; he is the God of War! One of the Olympian Pantheon, Ares was originally a villain in the Marvel Universe constantly butting heads with Thor and the Hulk. But he then went into retirement to raise his son before getting a job offer from Tony Stark to join the Mighty Avengers!

Described as a combination of “Thor and Wolverine in one,” Ares soon became the strong man of the Mighty Avengers. Being immortal and super strong and proficiency in any weapon that ever has or ever will be created, Ares likes one thing: fighting.

Ares is wearing his modern outfit that draws inspiration from classical Greek armor. He’s sporting a helmet that would make any Spartan proud along with greaves and elbow spikes. It looks like he’d fit in at Hot Topic. He’s also sporting a chest plate that looks like Punisher would wear with a horned skull on it.

Since he’s the God of War, Ares is brandishing a massive broadsword and a giant axe. But his giant weapons are also a limitation when it comes to articulation. Ares moves at the waist, right shoulder and both wrists. Ares paint is well done except his eyes, he’s looking upwards and looks more apprehensive than ferocious.

Powerful god of thunder!

Thor is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad having already had multiple figures (even his clone got a figure) but this is his most recent costume. After the events of Ragnarok, the Asgardians were all hidden in mortal form while Thor went into Thorsleep (which is just like Odinsleep). Once Donald Blake rediscovered Mjolnir, Thor returned with a new mission: to awaken his fellow Asgardians.

Thor’s new look took elements of his classic costume but dropped the primary colors in exchange for more realistic blacks and silvers. Gone was spandex to be replaces with chainmail and leather, but all of the imagery is still there. He’s sporting his winged helmet; his chest has the six silver plates. It’s a fantastic redesign that really works and translates well into toy form.

Thor still has Mjolnir in his right hand, but this time he’s holding it by the straps and its crackling with blue lightning. It’s a fantastic way to show motion and really looks good. Thor moves at the shoulders, right wrist and waist.

The paint is solid with his red cape and silver mail. The shade of blue on the lightning looks great too. The color used for his skin tone seems a little too peach, but he can fly near the sun after all and I doubt Thor puts on sunscreen before a battle.

It’s great when Hasbro releases two-packs that have a fun connection between the characters. We’ve gotten two kings before, now we’ve gotten two gods! Sure, there have been some misses along the way, but both these figures are well done and are very unique looking. And if any of the original Super Hero Squad members needed a redo, Thor was it.

Super Hero Squad Wave 8
Carnage & Ben Reilly Spider-ManModern Thor & Ares
Samurai Wolverine & Hand NinjaSpider-Man & Hobgoblin

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August 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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