Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Hulk & Zzzax

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For a while, the Super Hero Squad avoided any C or D-list characters, they stuck with the big names like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man. But gradually, Hasbro started peppering more obscure characters and this one is the last one, at least alphabetically.

The living lightning bolt!

Zzzax is a living thing made of electricity. Just like Swarm, only he’s lightning instead of bees. Sure, he has one of the most absurd names possible because the triple Z at the beginning seems a tad unnecessary. Though when Marvel feels like releasing a guy called Zzzzoro or something, it will seem a little less absurd.

Zzzax was created in a freak accident at Con Ed nuclear power plant when some terrorists tried to destroy the dynamos. But since the Marvel Universe only has two laws – Uncle Ben will never come back to life and if you are in a horrible accident that should kill you, it won’t and will give you super powers instead – Zzzax came to life and took the minds of some engineers and terrorists. And some how the most creative name they came up with was Zzzax.

Since he’s a being of living electricity, Zzzax doesn’t really translate well into toy form. His whole body is jagged but ends up looking more like a Thing reject than a living lightning storm. He’s cast in translucent yellow plastic that looks good and both his fists are clenched. But the articulation makes him kind of stagnant. Zzzax only moves at the neck and waist, and his elbow comes down too far so it hits his knee!

But the big issue on the figure is the paint. Zzzax has an ever so light yellow dry brush coat that looks good on the body, but for some reason his face is solid pale yellow. He’s got a weird looking grin that makes it look like he’s wearing kabuki theater makeup.

Smashing anything that gets in his way!

Like many of the packs in the Hulk Super Hero Squad, this Hulk is a repaint of his figure that came with Spider-Woman. It’s the ripped shirt, ripped pants version that’s gotten a new color and different eyes.

Hulk is still massive and looks good with his ripped clothing and giant arms. His shirt is darker this time around and his pants now have two different shades of blue on them. Hulk’s shade of green is more yellow this time around but looks fine. The other change is to the face where his eyes have been redone. He kind of looks like Smart Hulk to me with a dash of David Boreanaz (especially the hair). Hulk moves at the shoulders and waist.

As a two-pack, this one feels like Marvel is scraping the bottom of the barrel so it makes sense for it to be in the final wave of the Hulk. But getting Zzzax before Mecha-Hulk and Maestro just seems absurd. But then again, Mattel released both the Top and B’Wana Beast in the Action League so maybe kids love obscure characters.

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September 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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