Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Hulk & Doc Samson

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Sets that are absolutely fantastic are fun to review and sets that fail miserably are a blast too (provided I didn’t pay too much money on them) but then there are sets that are so not good that there isn’t anything witty to say about them.

Powerful enough to shatter mountains!

I’ve reviewed this exact same Hulk once already and then two more times when he got repainted gray and darker green. He’s from the second wave of the Super Hero Squad originally and it definitely shows how the line has gone in a different direction.

Hulk’s head is tiny, his arms are huge and his feet have five toes.  Sure, he looks angry but his head is absolutely tiny! It’s like some reverse-Leader.

Hulk is still bright green and wearing his classic purple pants, so at least he looks right. He still moves at the shoulders and waist too but that’s it. There isn’t anything else to say about this guy! He’s okay but there are better Hulk figures out there.

Super-strong psychoanalyst!

I can’t look at the word psychoanalyst without immediately thinking of Tobias Fünke and his job as the world’s first analyst-therapist or as he put in his business card, analrapist! But enough about one of the greatest shows ever to air on television, on to the Doctor! Unlike some Marvel characters, Doc Samson actually has a doctorate!

Originally responsible for turning the Hulk back into Bruce Banner, Samson became exposed to the gamma radiation and got super powers of his own (and green hair). He’s also a psychiatrist. Like the Leader, Samson appeared in the Incredible Hulk movie but that was before turning into Doc Samson.

Like the Hulk figure, Doc Samson feels like a relic in this line and just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Super Hero Squad. While the movie Iron Man figures felt too detailed, Doc Samson just feels off. His pose is an odd one, with his feet close together and his far too giant arms out to his sides. His legs look far too short, especially when you realize if his arms could just go straight down they’d go past his knees!

The paint and plastic used are odd too. Samson’s skin is glossy, while his clothes at matte making him look very toy-like. The paint isn’t bad; he’s got his signature long green hair, his red shirt with a lightning bolt and some hideous yellow boots with a matching belt. Samson moves at the waist and shoulders.

And that’s about it. Nothing about this pack is exciting and nothing in it is bad enough for me to go into a long winded rant about the absurdity of it! Instead it’s a two-pack that makes sense but just isn’t good.

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Written by jestergoblin

August 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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