Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Hobgoblin

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I adore Norman Osborn. I mean, my entire online presence is completely inspired the original Green Goblin! So I’m a tad annoyed that not only did Hobgoblin get a figure before a comic book Green Goblin, but the Green Goblin figure never even got released (on a side note, if anyone can get me this set I will be very, very happy)! Of course, when I tried to buy the figure internationally, the seller stole my money and sent me a sheet of Sponge Bob Squarepants stickers instead! I just want an adorable, pocket sized, comic version Green Goblin! Is that too much to ask Hasbro?

Super strong, super mean, super villain!

My generation mostly learned about Spider-Man and his rogue gallery through the pretty awesome Spider-Man the Animated Series. Sure, Sandman never showed up in the show and it had some hilarious censorship (thanks Power Rangers). But one thing always bothered me about the Animated Series: it introduced Hobgoblin first and showed the Goblin Serum transform both Norman and Hobgoblin’s costume into the Green Goblin outfit (and they introduced the Spot to a whole new generation when he should disappear forever like Big Wheel).

But any goblin is a good goblin in my mind, and Hobgoblin was voiced by Mark Hamill a guy best known for being both Luke Skywalker and the Joker! Hobgoblin was created as a replacement for the at-the-time-dead Green Goblin and he’s basically Norman wearing a hood and cape. That’s all you really need to know because there have been a half-dozen characters who wore the suit.

Hobgoblin is wearing his classic blue and orange suit that is slightly tattered at the sleeves. He’s hunched over on his glider and his hood and cape swoop out behind him. His left hand is a fist while his right is clutching an adorable pumpkin bomb. His face is sporting an odd smile that isn’t quite as insane or sinister as I’d like personally. He’s also missing his man-purse! Hobgoblin moves at the waist and shoulders.

The goblin glider that Hobgoblin comes with isn’t attached, but his feet are angled so he can’t stand on his own. It would almost be preferable if the figure were glued on, especially since the metal straps to keep him in place are part of his feet. The glider itself looks great and is silver while balanced at an angle on a cloud of smoke. The eyes are painted black and look more evil than he does.

The paint is decent and correctly applied. His face is a pale yellow while his suit is the super hero pattern of gloves, feet and body being one color while his legs and arms are another. I do think the colors used are a tad desaturated and should be more vibrant.

Acrobatic, web-slinging crime fighter!

Of course this pack has to include Spider-Man. Since Hobgoblin can fly around, it would make plenty of sense to include a web-slinging Spidey. Instead, we get a Spider-Man that’s standing on the ground. And that had just been released in the last wave with Daredevil.

The figure is the odd one hand parallel with the ground while one is drawn up in a fist stance that just doesn’t look good and suffers from balance issues. This figure still only moves at the shoulders and really has no purpose being re-released so soon, especially when other versions of the webhead would make a lot more sense!

The paint is fine but boring and getting a Spider-Man that’s based off of Todd McFarlane’s work is weird since Hobgoblin is usually more associated with John Romita Jr. or Ron Frenz.

While I’m annoyed by what this pack isn’t, Hobgoblin is a fine figure. As for Spider-Man, getting this figure again is just a blatant rip-off because it’s not even one of the good Spider-Man figures.

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Written by jestergoblin

August 31st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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