Transformers Universe Robot Heroes Review: Arcee & Rumble

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The standard toy company logic for years has been “females toys in boys’ lines don’t sell.” So it took two decades to get an Arcee figure on the shelf. Of course in the last five years, Arcee has gotten half a dozen releases so I don’t know what’s going on there.

The Transformers Robot Heroes line took a break from the original animated movie to release figures on Michael Bay’s take on the series but after the movie went away, Hasbro brought back the Robot Heroes under the banner of “Transformers Universe.” It included a bunch of different versions of Transformers from Beast Wars to Generation 1.

Like many Transformers, Arcee debuted in the animated movie. The first female Transformer, Arcee looks like she jumped out of the movie. Originally intended to be the love interest for Hot Rod, they drifted apart but she’s best known for being the pink, female Autobot.

Arcee gets a really dynamic pose that shows her running. To support this stance, she gets a chunk of floor that’s detailed to look like a road in Cybertron along with a cloud of blue dust because I guess she’s running fast. It looks good and is a good way to get around her feeling undersized.

The rest of Arcee looks great. She’s covered in little sculpted details all over her body. She’s sporting elbow and knee pads too, along with her Princess Leia inspired helmet. Arcee has some curve to her body too along with her jetpack. Arcee moves at the neck and shoulders.

The paint on her is worth mentioning too. Her pink isn’t nearly as hot pink as it could be but I love how little paint they used on her face. She doesn’t have eyelashes, she doesn’t have lipstick. She just has a great looking head that isn’t overly females and works great for a robot warrior.

Continuing the trend of always including a Decepticon with each Autobot, this pack includes one of Soundwave’s friends: Rumble! Or maybe it’s Frenzy. The package says Rumble and now it’s accepted that Rumble is the red one. A tiny robot, Rumble suffers from a nasty Napoleon Complex and always tries to prove he’s not worthless.

Rumble gets his name because he’s capable of turning his arms into pile drivers to cause miniature earthquakes. This figure shows off that power by giving the figure giant arms. His pile driver arms look good and are nicely detailed, while the rest of the figure has a great twist in his chest that really brings some life to him. On his back he’s got two guns.

Rumble moves at the neck and shoulders, but his giant arms are really loose making it near impossible for them to be posed other than resting on the ground. Rumble’s got some great looking paint. His black and light maroon body with the yellow highlights is very well done and his chest evokes the imagery of a cassette tape.

Sure, these characters have nothing to do with each other, but both of them look unique and are great little figures. Ravage was starting to get lonely by himself, so adding more is fine by me. Now if only Laserbeak had gotten a release.

Written by jestergoblin

August 11th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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