Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Collector’s Pack #2

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The first Super Hero Squad Collector’s Pack was a decent jumping on point as a set for the line and included 8 repaints of various figures. But the set was overproduced and went on clearance. So when Hasbro released the second Collector’s Pack, they made less of them but included two fan favorite characters with brand new sculpts! So of course it was more popular and nearly impossible to find.

The coolest super hero there is!

Bobby Drake first got released in wave 4 in a look that seemed mostly based off his later appearances once he actually got his ice powers under control. Of course, the fact that he even took the name “Iceman” is a tad odd because originally he didn’t turn into ice – he just covered himself with snow!

Iceman seems to be mostly based off his classic look, so he’s got his visible boots and undies along with a coating of paint that makes the whole figure look frosted instead of just being translucent. The new coat of paint really makes him look different and makes his giant snowball in his left hand look far less out of place. It’s a good look for the frozen super hero and given how hard it was to find his first figure, it’s a welcome repaint. Iceman still moves at the shoulders.

Cosmic powered outer space sentinel!

Silver Surfer usually doesn’t have much to go with when it comes to being a toy. He’s a naked bald dude on a surfboard. So it’s really the paint on the figure that makes or breaks it. When he first came out in wave 3, Silver Surfer was painted silver but lacked that classic sheen.

Completely unarticulated, and now made of a surprisingly light plastic, the herald of Galactus got a new coat and is now vac metalized! He’s super shiny and reflective and it looks great. Silver Surfer is one of the few figures that can get away with this treatment without looking bad. Plus the fact that he’s unarticulated means he’s far less likely to chip. But the figure still feels really fragile.

Unstoppable, one-man wrecking crew!

The stepbrother of Charles Xavier, Cain Marko has shown up twice already in the Super Hero Squad, once as his classic self and again with a bit of battle damage. This time around, the Juggernaut is dressed up in his “trying to be good” clothes. It’s the same suit, but what was once red is now yellow and what was darker red is now dark blue. He still moves at the shoulders.

The Juggernaut’s face sculpt has always seemed a little off, but in this case the face actually works better because he’s trying to be a good guy. Of course, that phase was short lived because Cytorrak only gives power to those who fight and started drawing back his power when Cain was a good guy.

Wall-crawling, web-slinging, wise-cracking hero!

All of the Collector’s Packs follow a single rule: include Spider-Man! Like the first pack, this one includes a Spider-Man from his movie line but redone in comic colors. This time around, it’s the squatting Spider-Man that’s shooting webs out of both wrists that originally came with Doc Ock. The figure still suffers from the oversized shoulders and the figure I got has some major stability issues. Spidey moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint is a mixed bag, I love the glossy white paint for the eyes but the chest is sloppy and the red and black combine – it’d be great on Carnage but doesn’t work here. It’s also odd that Spider-Man has silver webbing since the comic versions of him usually come with white webbing.

Metal claws and a berserker attack make him the ultimate fighter!

Since this Collector’s Pack draws a lot from the X-Men, it makes sense to have a few another wave 4 repaint. This time around it’s brown costume Wolverine. I absolutely adore the original one that came with Phoenix and this one is a minor repaint. The sculpt is still excellent and the hunched pose works great. Wolverine moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

This time around, Wolverine has hair painted on his arms but at the expense of losing how brown underoos. It’s a trade-off but the fact that Wolverine is wearing solid mustard yellow pants just looks really weird. To top it off, the hair is located on the back of his right arm, making it invisible when viewed from the front. If Hasbro had included hair and underoos, it would be the best Wolverine.

The most powerful telepath in the world!

Charles Xavier founded the X-Men when he knew that the threat of Magneto was too powerful to be stopped by just humans. A bald guy with a team of teenagers with attitude, Professor X isn’t exactly the kind of guy that makes for an awesome toy for one big reason: he’s a bald guy in a wheelchair.

I’ve got to hand it to Stan Lee; he certainly knew how to make characters with crippling disabilities and still manage to make them good heroes, like Daredevil. But the world’s most powerful telepath just kind of sits there. Professor X seems to be somewhat based off his movie counterpart since he’s just a bald guy in a suit in a wheelchair.

The suit is well done and while the face looks a tad young, it works for the style of the line. The paint is mostly fine, I love the cocked eyebrow but there’s some major slop on the Professor’s right sleeve. Professor X moves at the shoulders, allowing him to put his hands up to his face to focus his powers!

Permanently attached to Professor X is his wheelchair. Instead of getting the totally awesome hoverchair he had in the 90s, he’s instead in a basic silver wheelchair, which seems odd because I think he’d avoid anything made of metal. The wheels spin freely and look great with the X symbol appearing in the spokes. It just looks like a really high end wheel chair and it works great for the character.

Optic force-blasting X-Man!

Scott Summers is back again after his brief trip fighting off a Sentinel. And he looks exactly the same. The only repack in the set, Astonishing Cyclops is still a great figure but a let down because there isn’t anything new about him. Originally, the set was supposed to include a blue version of the suit but that ended up getting released with the Repulsor Racer instead.

Astonishing Cyclops is still an excellent figure, but a tad on the big side. After his hands and feet should be smaller than the Juggernaut’s! The paint is still fairly well done, but the painting of yellow over almost-black-blue is a challenge. Cyclops still moves at the shoulders and waist, allowing him to shoot straight ahead or up and over.

Dragon-owning teen who can walk through walls!

The final figure in the set is the crush of comic reading guys everywhere: Kitty Pryde! Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Kitty has gone by a bunch of names over the years including Ariel, Sprite, Shadowcat and even just Cat, but she now mostly just goes by Kitty Pryde, a name she got from one of John Byrne’s classmates in college! She’s got the mutant power to be able to phase through any objects and happens to be a computer geek too.

Since Kitty’s powers don’t exactly work in toy form, she’s just her normal self wearing her Astonishing X-Men outfit. It’s yellow and blue and works well, but suffers with a few weird paint issues where parts of her outfit look green because the yellow and blue mixed.

At first glance, Kitty seems to be sharing her hairstyle with Scarlett, but the head is actually different and just doesn’t seem cute enough to me, I think it’s because the paint makes it look like she’s got a massive sideburn on the right side.

Perched on Kitty’s left arm is her pet dragon – Lockheed! Permanently attached and just painted purple, Lockheed looks about right for how little detail they included on him. He’s got his little wings and long rump. It’s not much, but it’s a great addition.

Like the first Collector’s Pack, the second one also lets it packaging pull triple duty. It also works as a carrying case, including a handle and as a playset! The packaging shows off the X-Mansion, formerly Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngster and it’s a fine two-story building with a partially broken wall where the Juggernaut smashed through. It’s a nice extra touch that really adds to the value of the pack overall.

This pack is impossible to find now and both Professor X and Kitty Pryde are highly sought after by collectors. It’s a shame, because they’re both fine figures. If Hasbro hadn’t released this in such limited quantities, it may be a different story but if you stumble across this pack at your Toys “R” Us, grab it because while Spider-Man and Silver Surfer seem out of place, it’s still worth owning.

Super Hero Squad Collector’s Packs

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Spider-Man, Dark Phoenix, War Machine, US Agent, Human Torch, The Thing, First Appearance Daredevil, the Hulk
Collector’s Pack #2
Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Iceman, Juggernaut & Cyclops
Collector’s Pack #3
Spider-Man, Diamond Emma Frost, Iron Man, Falcon, Mr. Fantastic, Ultimate Hulk
Collector’s Pack #4
Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Enchantress, Loki & Frost Giant

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