Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Thanos & Captain Marvel

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The big bad of the Marvel Universe isn’t some petty villain like Doctor Doom who just wants to take over the world. Even Galactus‘s desire to devour the earth is just so he’ll stop being so hungry. No, the biggest bad guy in the Marvel Universe has got to be Thanos and his desire to kill everything.

Solar-powered alien super hero!

Created by Marvel after a court ruling said they could have a comic book titled “Captain Marvel” just to screw with DC’s own Captain Marvel, who’s book has to be called Shazam! But Captain Marvel is actually Captain Mar-Vell. Yep, it’s petty and absurd. But making up characters just to protect trademarks isn’t anything new, is it She-Hulk?

Captain Marvel was a Kree spy sent to earth but he eventually turned on his race, deflected to the humans and became a super hero. He’s probably actually best known for dying, not at the hands of any bad guy. He died of cancer in front of all of his friends and loved ones. But recently, he’s been plucked out of the time stream (which has got to be Marvel’s new favorite plot device) and is back being a hero! Well, until he inevitably dies of cancer again. He was also the inspiration to Carol Danvers for becoming Captain Marvel at one time.

Mar-Vell isn’t the biggest guy in the galaxy, so he’s got a rather small figure. He’s not much bigger than Spider-Man! He’s wearing his classic costume which is mostly all painted on. Around each wrist he has his Nega Bands – the source of all his powers. What’s most weird about the figure is the pose and look on his face. Maybe it’s because I associate Captain Marvel with death, but seeing him grin and give a thumbs up seems really, really weird. Mar-Vell only moves at the shoulders.

The paint is mostly impressive. He’s covered in glossy red, black and gold which helps make him look different from the non-cosmic heroes. Most of the paint is well done, but the star on his chest is a little sloppy and the black portions of his costume, which should probably be blue, are flecked with spots of white that are too infrequent to be intentional.

Power-hungry tyrant!

Thanos, the Mad Titan has a convoluted back-story that draws in all elements of Marvel’s Cosmic Universe. An Eternal Mutant that looks like a Deviant, the cousin-race of the Eternals, Thanos spent his life feeling like he as an outcast for being different and eventually became obsessive with a single goal: the earn the love of Death. So Thanos wanted to do one thing: kill everyone and everything in the universe.

A massive figure, Thanos is about the size of most Hulks. He’s wearing his classic gold and blue costume with shoulder pads and giant boots and gloves. His face looks kind of odd smiling, but his quirky helm and Skrull-like chin are all present. On Thanos’s left hand is the Infinity Gauntlet with only five of the six Infinity Gems (though now there are seven) – for some reason Time, the orange gem, is missing! It’s a shame because Marvel found a creative way to give all ten Rings of Power to the Mandarin.

Thanos has decent articulation and moves at the neck, shoulders and right wrist. For some reason, Thanos’s right shoulder is horribly loose and just falls. He also can’t turn the wrist of his left hand which seems like a no brainer. One odd part of the sculpt is his right bicep. The whole piece looks really weird when his arm is down, but he is an alien so maybe he’s just got a different muscle structure.

The paint is a mixed bag too. The blue for his suit works well but the orange shade used should be much closer to gold. Plus there are several areas where the paint came chipped. But as for the actually application, it’s well done and stays in the lines; just the color choice is odd. The Infinity Gauntlet is very well painted and each gem looks great.

Pairing up Thanos with Captain Marvel is just about as perfect of a pairing as you can get. It’s like Captain America and Red Skull or Spider-Man and Green Goblin; these two are destined to always be together – at each other’s throats. While neither of these figures are perfect and both are sporting odd grins, they’re fine figures. What disappoints me most though is I know that Hasbro can do so much better.

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July 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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