Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Falcon with Redwing & the Hulk

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I think someone at Hasbro secretly has it out for me. Why else does this single figure continue to haunt me? It’s the toy that can’t be gotten rid of! Half boomerang, all evil incarnate, this Super Hero Squad pack carries more deadweight than any other one that’s been released recently.

High-flying crime fighter!

Falcon originally got rereleased in the unreleased Winter Soldier Saga 4-pack that still eludes me to this very day. But he did get a second chance at life and got released in Collector’s Pack 3. His figure wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t terribly exciting either. So getting a redo of him is fine.

Long time partner of Captain America, the Falcon has been an active player in the Marvel Universe for years now. He also bucks the trend of not calling out the fact that he isn’t white by calling himself “Black somethinglike so many others. He’s just Sam Wilson, the technology genius who can fly and communicate with his pet bird – makes perfect sense in the crazy Marvel Universe.

Falcon is wearing his modern outfit, which is actually kind of hideous. A pair of red leggings and a top that is so skimpy no female character could get away with wearing it. Falcon is also sporting a new set of wings that do a great job of conveying that his wings aren’t organic. They don’t look like feathers at all.

Sam is wearing his white mask with a beak symbol on the forehead but there’s something weird about his face I just can’t shake and it reminds me way too much of Bert from Sesame Street. The neck is the only place Falcon moves.

Perched on Falcon’s right wrist is his pet falcon, Redwing. He looks good and isn’t nearly as cartoony as Polly with Shipwreck. He also isn’t removable. Overall, the paint on Falcon is well done with nothing looking out of place but his skin tone is substantially lighter this time around.

The strongest there is!

This is annoying because I have reviews written up about how much I hate this figure but you haven’t read them yet because I have an absurd backlog of reviews that I’ve written. Long story short, I hate this figure. Hulk should be massive, imposing and terrifying to a point.

But this figure is just a hunched over Hulk that is barely articulated and is dragging his giant fists on the ground like he’s trying to lift Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. This figure just doesn’t do anything! His pose is rather useless and it can’t be changed.

Sure, he’s green and wearing purple pants and happens to have the right number of toes but he’s a glorified paperweight that is trying to convince me he’s a toy! He’s not! He’s a chunk of Hulk-shaped plastic.

Of the three two-packs that make up this wave, this one is clearly the weakest of the bunch. While Falcon is a decent figure, he’s stuck in a single pose and that really hurts his playability. But getting Redwing is a nice touch but it doesn’t make up for the fact that Hasbro keeps conning me into buying this version of the Hulk. Unless they’re trying to get me to feel like the Hulk by filling me with rage, because that’s where I’ll be if I see this figure again and you won’t like me when I’m angry.

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July 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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