G.I. Joe Movie Combat Heroes Review: Neo-Viper & Snake Eyes

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I understand Cobra is a well-funded organization but where in the hell do they keep getting people who are willing to work for them? I mean, people rarely die – hell, people rarely even get hurt. Are they all just actors paid by Cobra Commander’s father to keep his deranged son happy? If the Neo-Vipers were like the Hot Cops, suddenly everything makes more sense.

While the packaging calls this guy a Neo-Viper, I think he’s closer to a Cobra Trooper: the generic foot soldiers that do Cobra’s bidding. He’s a red shirt through and through! The Neo-Viper is wearing some generic, kind of baggy armor with a harness and shoulder pads. Nothing too exciting, but he’s wearing a helmet and faceplate that looks like he borrowed it from Shredder. It feels rather out of place, but kind of matches up with the classic Cobra Trooper look.

Neo-Viper is clutching some massive gun that is probably M.A.R.S. made and looks just futuristic enough to work well for the line. It also looks like it could take down the Hulk. Neo-Viper moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is kind of boring and reminds me a lot of how modern videogames are colored. He’s just a mess of black, gray and silver. His Cobra decal on his shoulder looks good and for some reason he’s sporting green eyes. All the paint is well done but not terribly exciting.

To fight this nefarious troop builder is none other than Snake Eyes! Played by Ray Park, a guy known for being Darth Maul and Toad in X-Men, you couldn’t tell because he never unmasks or speaks. But he’s a ninja so that doesn’t even matter.

Snake Eyes got kind of an odd redesign for the movie, well one piece in particular: his face. For some reason, his mask has lips on it and this toy shows that by including a mouth with a slight smirk under his visor.

Besides that, he’s a guy in a black jumpsuit, wearing baggy pants and combat boots. There’s not much to his sculpt beyond some odd bracelets and his sheath strapped to his back. But while there isn’t much to the design, it’s all well sculpted. Snake Eyes moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint on Snake Eyes is minimal. He’s almost entirely black with silver braces, belt buckle and sword. His visor is painted glossy black to contrast from his body while his right shoulder has the Arashikage clan mark on it.

Snake Eyes is a fine figure but not terribly exciting. He’s basically a chunk of black plastic with a little bit of silver. As for the Neo-Viper, it’s a great take on the Cobra Trooper but doesn’t match up with anything I remember in the film. He’s a fine army builder but isn’t exactly exciting.

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September 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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