Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Electro

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Spider-Man doesn’t exactly have an easy life. It seems like most super heroes are fine sharing their bad guys with each other, but so many of Spider-Man’s enemies had to go and make it personal. No matter what Norman Osborn does in the Marvel Universe, his prime obsession will always be Peter Parker. To make matters worse, Spider-Man feels personally responsible for his rogue gallery, so when Electro destroyed the maximum security prison, the Raft, of course it was Spider-Man’s responsibility to fix it.

The web-slinging wonder!

Technically a repack of one of the Easter egg packs that no one in their right mind ever buys; Spider-Man is a repaint of his web slinging figure that came with Green Goblin. Like most of his toys, this time around he’s been repainted in his comic book colors. That means the reds and blues are more vibrant and he’s got black webbing instead of silver. That’s about it.

Spider-Man is posed like he’s using his webbing to either pull him to the ground or blast off from it. It’s a fun and unique pose that works well for the character but is rather limited because it really only has a single pose. Sure, Spider-Man technically moves at the shoulders and waist, but the pose prevents his legs and right arm from really moving.

Lightning blasting super villain!

One of Spider-Man’s original enemies, Electro debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #9 when Max Dillon, an electrician, was struck by lightning while repairing a power line. Since this is the Marvel Universe, this of course meant he got super powers and turned to a life of crime!

Thankfully, Electro isn’t the smartest guy in the world because if he realized how much power he actually had, it could be a big issue. The guy technically has powers than rival Magneto after all! Plus being dumb helps explain the eyesore that is his costume.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic Electro look but it’s delightfully foolish. He’s a grown man wearing a yellow and green spandex suit with lightning bolts on it and a mask shaped like a star made of lightning bolts. Who makes these things for him?

Electro’s figure feels a tad on the pudgy side for me, which is odd because he’s a guy with zero body fat. The lightning elements are all sculpted in and everything looks decent enough but not fantastic. The big issue is the lack of articulation, Electro only moves at the waist really which is a shame since he channels electricity through his hands.

The paint is a let down since Hasbro has proven they aren’t capable of painting yellow in small areas. Many of Electro’s design elements look sloppy, especially on his back. The face is okay, but doesn’t feel like Max Dillon.

If Electro knew what he was doing, he’d be one of the greatest super villains in the Marvel Universe. Instead though, he’s easily defeated by Spider-Man with a garden hose. Electro isn’t a bad toy; he’s just very, very average. A bunch of little flaws add up and take away from the whole. As for Spidey, they included a Spider-Man that wasn’t touching the ground so at least it makes sense for this pack.

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September 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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