Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Punisher & Blade

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Some two-packs follow a basic theme, like packing two gods together. Other packs were clearly manipulated by marketers. Of course, some just don’t make any sense as a pairing but there are also packs where the figures are absurdly similar: like getting two guys in trench coats holding guns.

Bringing the bad guys down hard!

Frank Castle has two different looks primarily (because his Captain America suit doesn’t count), his “super hero” suit and his street level suit. Up until now, Punisher had only been released in his spandex and Kevlar suit but this time he’s dressed down and looks ready to take out a few people.

Punisher is dressed like how he is often portrayed in his MAX series. He’s wearing combat boots, a sweeping trench coat and just a shirt with a giant skull on it. Nothing flashy, but it works really well for the character – especially since he doesn’t have a source of funding like Iron Man does.

Punisher’s face looks oddly calm and collected, which almost feels out of character but works better than a sneer would. For weapons, Castle is clutching a giant double barrel hand gun in his left hand and resting an assault rifle on his shoulder. Articulation is also a little odd, Punisher moves at the neck, not really as the waist because of the jacket, left shoulder and right wrist. If he could move at the right shoulder, he’d be perfect.

The paint is well done and isn’t just solid black. His jacket and boots are an odd shade of light black and his guns and face look great.

Half-vampire hunting the undead!

Blade is far more important to Marvel than most people realize. During the late 90s, it was looking like Marvel was going to go out of business when suddenly a little movie came out in the spring about a vampire hunter named Blade. It wasn’t the X-Men that allowed Marvel to get back on their feet; it was a character that most people didn’t even know was owned by Marvel.

Wearing his modern outfit, instead of the garish yellow and green monstrosity he used to wear, Blade is in the all-black outfit. Black pants, black shoes, black shirt, black belt, black gloves, black jacket and black sunglasses – I guess buying clothes for him is easy. Blade is looking good and also happens to be absurdly well equipped. He’s clutching an Uzi in his right hand and a katana in his left, along with half a dozen stakes strapped across his chest. To show he’s part vampire, Blade is sporting his own set of fangs.

All of Blade’s outfit looks fantastic and could probably double as a Snake Eyes figure. His face does look a tiny bit chubby, but that may be an optical illusion cause by his fangs and goatee. Blade moves at the neck, shoulders and barely at the waist.

While there isn’t much for paint, it all looks good. His sword really stands out and his skin tone is plenty dark. His fangs stand out a little too much though.

Pairing Blade and Punisher together almost makes too much sense. They’re both quasi-heroes that kill their enemies while wearing trench coats. It’s a great pack of two characters that exist outside the normal tights and spandex realm at Marvel.

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September 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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