Toy Review: Repulsor Racer with Iron Man and Cyclops

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Wave 2 of the Super Hero Squad vehicle sets continues with two more packs, the first of which is the Repulsor Racer with Iron Man and Cyclops! Still packaged in their awful design that I ranted on and on about already, it’s time to crack it open and see what’s inside!

Armored, Supersonic Hero!

One of the things I love about Super Hero Squad is how absurdly short the the lines describing the characters are. But what kid doesn’t know who Iron Man is? Plus, “Armored, Alcoholic Hero!” doesn’t go over nearly as well in focus groups.

This Iron Man we’ve gotten before, once versus Fin Fang Foom and again, but painted stealth, in Danger of the Dreadknight but this figure in the classic Iron Man colors but slightly off. His yellow seems weird, like someone mixed in a little green before noticing and then switched back to yellow but never corrected it. But the costume is Tony’s classic suit, which means arms that look like tight fabric and clunky gloves and boots.

Articulation is above average, waist, both arms and neck. But all that articulation doesn’t help the fact that Iron Man is top heavy and takes a lot of creative effort to stand. When he’s in your hand, the pose looks great but you’ll never get him to stand. Though he does look like he’s ready to put one hand on the steering wheel and one out the window.

Leader of the X-Men!

Really? That’s all they say about Cyclops? No optic blasts? Just mention of his leadership, it seems a little odd. But it’s true so that’s worth something.

Cyclops is wearing his Astonishing uniform, blue with yellow stripe and skullcap. This figure has also been released twice, first was the second release of the Sentinel and again in Collector’s Pack 2. During SDCC a few years ago, back when Collector’s Pack 2 was first shown, this is the version of Cyclops that was displayed. A blue jumpsuit instead of the black one that was just a straight repack of the Sentinel pack. So with that, this version of Cyclops has been known about for several years but is just now available.

Cyclops is in a great dynamic pose: crouching with a hand on the ground and another on the visor. He has three points of articulation, both arms and the waist. Like all the other versions of Cyclops released, his right arm only looks good next to his visor – otherwise it looks like a broken arm. The left arm and waist are useful, allowing Scott to look straight ahead or above.

But this figure has two major flaws. First off is the scale, he’s huge. His head, hands, feet, torso – everything is bigger than Iron Man and Iron Man is a a guy in a metal suit! The second problem comes from the set. The back of the package clearly shows Cyclops riding on the side of the car the only thing is, he’s too big! His foot won’t fit on the pegs! He’s also too big to fit in the car. Double fail.

Repulsor-powered Roadster!

The Repulsor Racer is the vehicle in this set and the big drawing point. Painted in the lovely colors of Iron Man but with some odd sky blue highlights, it’s just a glorified repaint of the Arachno Roadster. There’s not much else to say except it makes more sense for a vehicle than Spider-Man’s did, because Tony is totally the kind of guy who would have a bright red and yellow convertible. Though I wish the set came with a case of liquor to put in the trunk.

The insert of the package is a good representation of Tony Stark’s Lab. A Mark II suit of armor hangs on some chains, and Captain America‘s Shield is hiding behind a computer, maybe a nod to Easter egg in the Iron Man movie. On the far side is a motorcycle unlike any one that has been revealed yet, so it could be a future release.

One slightly unsettling figure, one decent repaint and a car that would have been great with billionaire Tony Stark figure makes this set uneventful. While the blue Cyclops is great, it’s not with the price of admission. For little kids though, this is probably the best of all the vehicle sets released, two good characters that are solid figures and a vehicle that works well enough.

Super Hero Squad Vehicle Wave 2
Hero Helicopter with Captain America and Thor
Repulsor Racer with Iron Man and Cyclops

Written by jestergoblin

November 5th, 2009 at 8:00 am

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