Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: S.H.I.E.L.D. Hover Car with Iron Man & Nick Fury

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The vehicles in the Super Hero Squad always felt a tad out of place. Aside from Ghost Rider’s motorcycle, most of them fell somewhere along the spectrum of “kind of dumb” and “really dumb.” Sure, one set in particular transcended and went from so dumb that it’s kind of awesome. But what really needed to happen was Hasbro had to start treating the vehicles like an extension of the line – like the mega figures – and not some throwaway toy.

Super smart, supersonic super hero!

Speaking of throwaways, might as well get this Iron Man figure out of the way now. This is the Super Hero Squad Show styled figure that has been released twice already. Thankfully, he’s a great version of Iron Man. He’s standing upright which still looks a little odd. Iron Man moves at the neck and shoulders.

The paint on Iron Man is a minor change from the last two versions since he’s a slightly metallic shade of red. Nothing too major but combined with the goldenrod yellow, he looks a little different. But not different enough to make him the draw of this set, so if you already have it, you’re not going to be impressed.

Ultra-tough super spy!

The other figure is a much needed repaint. While technically Ultimate Nick Fury, this version seems to be more along the lines of movie Nick Fury. But it’s not quite right for the movie version because of some odd clothing choices. Fury is wearing a fur-lined leather jacket, combat boots and some blue cargo pants. It’s not a bad look, but it really doesn’t match up with Samuel L. Jackson’s all black outfit. Nick Fury moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint on Fury is a mixed bag. His blue pants are really glossy, while his fur lining is very poorly applied. His face is also redone and he’s now closed mouth so it looks like he’s smirking instead of grinning which works for the character. Finally there is his fire extinguisher in his left hand. It’s now painted red and is very clearly a fire extinguisher instead of the questionable item last time.

High-speed pursuit vehicle!

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Hover Car is the biggest draw of this set and it’s a mighty fine vehicle. Sure, it’s not nearly as memorable as the Quinjet or Black Bird, but it’s one of those vehicles that have been in the Marvel Universe for years. Instead of just being a car that can transform and fly, the Hover Car clearly has gotten some upgrades.

First off, it’s an actual two-seater which makes it almost twice as big as the other vehicles that have been released. That also means no more awkward situations where the Thing can’t ride in the vehicle he comes with. The whole aesthetic of the car is futuristic without going too overboard.

The paint is well done. The blue parts of the car are a glittery plastic that works really well and actually looks like how a car that color would look. There are silver and black details too but the biggest paint application is the hood and it’s massive S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. The logo is perfectly centered and looks great, though having a giant S.H.I.E.L.D. logo may not be the best way of blending in, but it works so well on a toy.

The car claims to have two action features, but really only has one. It comes packed with a pair of missiles that can be inserted into the spoiler, but like the Web Splasher, there’s no spring to fire them off with! They just sit there and can be “shot” by flicking at them with your finger. Disappointing, especially after the epically awesome firing action on the Helicarrier!

The other actual action feature brings a giant grin to my face. Growing up, I remember loving the Footcruiser in the Ninja Turtles line that could be both a convertible and a flying car and this vehicle replicates it so well. By pulling on the rear bumper, the wheels pull under to create the appearance of a hover craft and it works very well. Another great plus is that the pegs used to lock the wheels in place double as foot pegs for the figures! It’s genius and excellently executed without hurting the look of the piece. Another great little touch is that the car actually has an extra set of tiny wheels, so even when it is in flying mode, it can still wheel around! Plus, the actual wheels are angled so when they’re sideways, they still spin when rolling. I love it when Hasbro releases a great vehicle.

With a $20 price tag, this set is a tougher sell. The old vehicle packs were $15 and came with two figures, but the Hover Car really feels bigger and better than the older vehicle sets. Iron Man is a great figure – provided you don’t already own him and getting Ultimate Nick Fury back on the shelves is a great move given the success of the Iron Man films, so kids know who he is now which puts me at ease. If only it had actual spring loaded missile launchers, then this set would be perfect. Instead, it’s just really, really good.

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