Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: Padmé Amidala & Senate Security Clone Trooper

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I have absolutely no idea why I bought this pack. I mean, maybe part of me like the idea of adding a tiny Natalie Portman (make that tinier) to my toy collection or maybe I just hate myself and am drawn to Clone Troopers even though I know I’ll be disappointed every time.

Snow Bunny Padmé Amidala is in her cold weather outfit that seems fairly absurd unless they’ve discovered a skin tight, spandex like material that insulates really well. She’s wearing a skin tight outfit with fur lined gloves, boots and cape. The cloak is a different piece, so Padmé’s head can still rotate which is a nice plus.

Padmé is clutching a silver handgun that looks more like an emulsifier than a pistol and is about a fifth of the size of any gun a Clone Trooper carries. The face is cute but doesn’t particularly look like Natalie Portman.

The paint is well done with the powder blue lining perfectly painted and the cream belt and holster add some extra depth to the figure. Her gun is silver, while her face is centered and clean. My only concern is how badly she may get scuffed up like Gentleman Ghost.

The senator comes with a member of her security detail in the form of a Clone Trooper with maroon accents. The paint is much better done that the trooper that came with Mace Windu and even has special shoulder insignias. The trooper’s left hand is out to the side with a pistol of sorts, while the left is down and clutching an assault rifle. If the figure just looked like that all the time, it would be disappointing.

But this figure is sporting three points of articulation! He moves at the neck and both wrists! Instead of aimlessly aiming, he can turn his head and look! It’s a minimal change but adds so much to the figure. Sure, I don’t know why he needs two guns, since he clearly doesn’t have an easy way of firing the rifle off but getting a figure that can see where he’s shooting is a plus!

That’s it though. There’s nothing super exciting about these figures but they’re well done and unique looking ones. I hope to see more of the Clone Trooper, maybe with an empty right hand in the figure as an army builder because it’s a great figure. As for Padmé, she’s fine and looks good but there just isn’t much to say about her.

Written by jestergoblin

August 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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