Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: Cad Bane & Aurra Sing

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I don’t know why I don’t love Star Wars as much as many of my friends. I mean, I appreciate the series and its impact on science fiction as a whole, but when compared to something like Battlestar Galactica or Firefly and Serenity (which I love more than anything in the world), it just doesn’t feel the same. Or I’ve just read far too much Joseph Campbell and just think, “Another hero’s journey?” And move on. But there is one thing about the Star Wars universe I love – the character designs. Often times I find myself buying figures of characters I know nothing about besides being awesome looking.

I know four things about Cad Bane: his name, he’s a bounty hunter, he’s an alien and he looks like a cowboy. That’s it and that’s all I need to know because he looks awesome. While Boba Fett looked awesome, they were still just a guy in a suit of armor. But Cad Bane is an alien cowboy!

Wearing a large duster with touches of advance technology on the forearms, Bane is a sweet looking figure. His low brim hat covers most of his face while his straight mouth and large, vacant eyes don’t convey any expression but that’s fine. His reinforced fingerless gloves surround both his blue hands that are clutching matching futuristic pistols.

Bane’s face has some weird technology system that is probably so he can breathe on other planets and he’s got a satchel on his back that I’m sure is full of mysterious weapons and gizmos. This is the kind of figure that makes the imagination run wild. He’d be at home with a bunch of Lincoln Logs or on an alien space craft. It doesn’t matter and I love it.

Cad Bane even is articulated! Both his shoulders move, but the sculpt looks like this wasn’t intended because his sleeve can look really weird at some angles. But it’s infinitely better than Jango I-can’t-aim Fett. His paint is varied but looks great in a multitude of colors.

Paired up with Bane is another bounty hunter who actually appeared in the films, Aurra Sing! A human hybrid, no one knows what alien race her dad was. But she’s a super pale chick that’s almost bald and for some reason has a giant antenna coming out of her head. Maybe her dad was a unicron unicorn.

Like many females, Sing is basically stuck in a single pose since only her head rotates. A gun up in the air and her hand pointing at the ground is a great looking pose. Her jumpsuit is padded and well detailed and would look at home just fine as one of Scarlett’s suits with a new coat of paint.

Sing’s head is very well done. While I don’t know the point of her antenna, and I think it looks really out of place, her head looks like how Asajj Ventress should look. She’s pissed, bald and has intense looking eyes. It’s so well done and really shows how far the Galactic Heroes line has come. Sure, I’d love if her arms moved, but under articulated females are the norm for this style.

Cad Bane is a great looking figure. He’s a fantastic blend of styles and just looks so cool that his odd articulation isn’t much of a set back. Even Aurra Sing isn’t bad and is one of the best female figures that have been released in the line. This just may be my favorite pack of Galactic Heroes and I don’t know anything about these characters. Now if only I knew what was up with the single antenna on Sing’s head.

Written by jestergoblin

August 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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