Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: Republic Commando Fixer & Boss

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The Star Wars Expanded Universe consists of everything that isn’t in one of the six movies that includes all the cartoons, books, comics and video games. So while I never played the Republic Commandos game for the Xbox, something about these figures jumped out at me when I saw them on the pegs.

RC-01/138 is best known as Boss and is the orange commando in the set. He’s wearing a modified version of the Clone Trooper armor that makes him a bit heftier but the figure looks about the right size for a guy in a suit of armor. His armor is incredibly well detailed and far more intricate than the normal armor the troopers wear. A series of overlaying plates and pads, it looks really good. His massive helmet looks like a cross between a Clone Trooper helmet and a Storm Trooper. In his right hand, Boss is clutching a massive blaster.

At first glance, I expected Boss to be unarticulated since he’s posed identical to the standard Clone Trooper. His right hand is out, while his left goes the other way but Boss can move! His shoulders and neck are articulated! So he can turn and look where he’s shooting! His open left hand also works well for looking like he’s signaling. Boss also has a removable backpack.

The paint is some of the best I’ve seen. Since Boss is mostly white, any bleeds and misapplications are noticeable, but Boss is looking good. His orange details are crisp, while his black segments are clean. He’s even got his four circles on his chest designating his rank as sergeant!

The other commando in the pack is RC-1140, also known as Fixer even though he hates handles. Second in command in the Delta Squad, Fixer’s pretty much identical to Boss except for the paint, pose and backpack. Fixer’s posed like the new version of the Storm Troopers and is bracing his gun with both hands. His backpack is slightly different too. Other than that, the two share similar armor designs and look great.

Unlike the Storm Trooper, Fixer is also packing articulation. He moves at the neck, shoulders and right wrist, but he looks best in his single pose of aiming. If he had waist articulation, he’d be perfect.

The paint on Fixer is very well done too. He’s got two tones of green on his body that do a great job contrasting with the white and black parts. The blue of his visor is perfect too.

While I know nothing about these two figures, I really like how they look. Some people may think they feel too big, but these guys are supposed to be elite commandos and should be heavily armored for battle! I love that they are posed like older troopers, but the addition of articulation without detracting from the sculpts is fantastic. Now if only Hasbro would release Sev and Scorch to finish the Delta Squad.

Written by jestergoblin

August 12th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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