Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Web Wheels & Spider-Man

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Hasbro seems to have run out of vehicle ideas beyond “just repaint it” and calling it a day. Why else do they keep releasing this exact same vehicle again and again? I mean, how many cars does Spider-Man really need?

Wall-crawling sensational hero!

Getting a new Spider-Man is rarely exciting, but getting one that is at least a repaint helps numb the sheer boredom of getting a new version of the webhead. This time around, Spider-Man is a repaint of his web shield version that came with Scarlet Witch. The only major difference is what was blue on him before is now black. Not terribly exciting, but enough to make him different. Plus it’s almost like a first appearance version of him – if he had the web underarms and smaller eyes.

Spider-Man still moves at the neck and shoulders and is clutching his web shield in his right hand. It still doesn’t remove which I think was a huge mistake since this set would come with a place to hold it! The paint isn’t too exciting. Spider-Man doesn’t have a wash this time around so all the inlaid webbing relies on shadows to look black. He’s a decent figure and would definitely be more exciting if he was new.

The web-slinger’s high speed pursuit car!

A vehicle that Spider-Man has absolutely no use for! The Web Wheels is just a repaint of the Claw Cruiser, which was a repaint of the Repulsor Racer which was a repaint of the Arachno Roadster with different rims! Who knew all the Marvel heroes shopped at the same car dealer?

Repainted to match Spider-Man’s black and red costume, the Web Wheels looks more like it belongs to Carnage than Spider-Man. The sweet airbrushed paint that fades from black to red looks far too evil but is honestly somewhat inline with what a teenage nerd would think was super cool, so it gets some points for that.

The sweet two-seater has a massive silver spider emblem on the hood, while each of the doors show off half the symbol. Combined with the giant silver spiders on the rims, the whole vehicle actually looks kind of neat. It’s like the vehicle Peter would think that would impress Felicia Hardy or something.

Web Wheels is lacking any sort of action feature, but the pack of the package claims there’s a hidden compartment in the back. I’m 99% sure that it’s just a trunk. It’s still a shame to get trunks that are too small to fit a figure in while the line is essentially accessoryless, making them kind of pointless.

Web Wheels is an odd toy. The paint job screams to kids and I’ve got to say, part of me loves how the vehicle is painted. It’s certainly unique and loads better than the Repulsor Racer or the Arachno Roadster. The repaint of Spider-Man isn’t bad either, but nothing here is a must buy.

Written by jestergoblin

August 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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