Action League Review: Batman with Batcopter

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It’s amazing that for a guy who dresses up like a bat and has more money than Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne can design anything but only under a single condition: it must have the word bat in the name. I mean, who else can build a submarine or a motorcycle from scratch?

Batman is Gotham City’s crime fighting eye-in-the-sky piloting his high-tech Batcopter!

Batman is common place in the Action League (which thankfully is expanding beyond Batman soon) so getting a new version of him isn’t exciting. Since Mattel is never willing to break from the idea that crazy colored Batman figures are awesome, we’ve got a new one. Bright green camouflage has been done; even Batman wearing giant mittens got done. But this is the first Batman figure that’s wearing a sweater.

He’s a repaint of the standard one-step-forward pose that hates to balance and keeps getting re-released and repainted. But this time, something different was done. From the waist down and the neck up, he looks just like the Batman that came with the Batmobile. But his torso and arms are bright blue! And for some reason, his midriff is black! What is Batman doing in his spare time? It doesn’t make sense! At least give him blue pants too or something.

Batman’s latest toy is the Batcopter! It honestly looks like the Batsub but with a propeller on top of it. It’s got some odd engine things on the side that makes it look like a jetski to me (or would that be Batski? Batjetski?). The tail end of the helicopter looks kind of weird, especially since the propeller is almost on the back of the thing! There’s no way this could fly.

The open canopy probably explains why Batman is wearing a sweater since it probably gets cold in the skies. The best touch has to be the little steering shaft that has a miniature bat face on it. Yes, the best part of this entire set is the handlebars. Since Batman can’t sit or really do much of anything, he looks really weird while trying to ride the vehicle. Plus there aren’t any restraints to hold him in!

The set is action feature-less too – no missiles, no awesome spring loaded seat to blast out in or anything! Just a propeller that’s far too small that spins. The paint is fine; it’s red and black with yellow eyes just like all the other vehicles.

Around me, the Batcycle set turned out to be far more popular than the much better Gorilla Grodd one. I’m sure in time, this will be more popular than the Chemo set (which I still can’t find) but it just isn’t that exciting. No play features, a really odd looking Batman and the fact that there’s no interaction between them is weird. As a rule of thumb, my car keys should not have the same level of interaction as the Batman figure that came with the vehicle. Just saying.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League
Deluxe Wave 3

Batman with Batcopter
Batman & Chemo

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August 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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