Battlestar Galactic Minimates Review: Athena & Cylon Centurion

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It finally happened, thanks to incessant praise by yo go re over at, I broke down and picked up my first Minimates set. The last thing I needed was getting hooked on another toy line, but I figured these were on clearance and what was the worst that could happen? Well, besides doing everything in my power to resist running back to Toys “R” Us and buying the rest of the figures. They’re small, adorable and exceptionally awesome.

After falling in love with Helo and leaving her fellow Cylons behind, the Number Eight known as Sharon Valerii took the name Athena and became a trusted member of Galactica’s crew.

I loved the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series but didn’t end up watching it in its entirety until last year. I was hooked and devoured the entire series in a matter of months. Hands down, one of my favorite characters were the various Number Eights, played by the gorgeous Grace Park. So getting a little pocket-sized version of her wasn’t a hard sell to me.

Minimates are basically just hyper-articulated LEGO figures that remind me a lot of smaller versions of the LEGO Technic figures. Nearly all the pieces are removable and interchangeable which really helps the playability of the figures, plus they even have LEGO-shaped holes on their feet allowing them to interact with LEGO! It reminds me a lot of the old Ninja Turtle Mini Mutant play sets that were both LEGO and Hot Wheels compatible.

Athena is a great looking figure, provided you like the look of the Minimates design. Her torso is blocky; her hands kind of look like mittens and her head is a big tube. It’s a design you’ll either love or hate, but as someone who loved LEGO, it’s a great reinterpretation of what a basic base can be turned into.

Athena’s wearing her Viper pilot jumpsuit; it’s a metallic green and tied around her waist. Her legs have some little details, but the extra piece around her waist looks great. Her chest shows off the classic double tank top look that many of the pilots wore in the series. Since her torso is just a block, there are some subtle lines to create the illusion of curves.

The face is very well painted and designed. She looks kind of pissed off, which makes a lot of sense given everything the character went through. It doesn’t really look a lot like Grace Park, but it’s a decent caricature of her. The hair is a separate piece but is very well sculpted. Athena comes with a single accessory: a gun. It looks decent and fits in her holster or in her hand.

The new model of the fearsome artificially-intelligent Centurions was created during the Cylons’ forty-year exodus after the First Cylon War. More agile and independent than their preceding models, each Centurion sports deadly claws and savage projectile weapons.

The other Cylon in this pack is the much more recognizable model of the Cylon Centurions. Redesigned for the reimagining, these robots are clearly not just a guy wearing a metallic suit. While it doesn’t look like it, the Centurion and Athena actually share the same base body with only a few minor additions. The extra height is from a modified waist piece that adds almost half an inch in height and when combined with the different head, he towers about Athena.

In addition to the waist and chest piece, the Centurion also got a new set of clawed hands and robotic two-toed feet – sadly, the Cylon losing the LEGO-compatible feet. The whole look overall is great and really makes the figure feel completely different so I’ve got to hand it to Minimates for making such a unique looking figure using the same basic design. Plus, tiny Cylons are adorable!

The Cylon’s paint is rather basic but works well. It’s mostly just silver with a few dark gray details and the black and red visor.

The standard Minimates body has a ball-jointed neck, swivel waist, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, cut waist, ball jointed hips, hinged knees and swivel ankles. Athena loses some of her neck movement to her hair, while the Centurion is limited a lot more by its bulky shoulders which limit the shoulders and completely eliminate the neck movement. The only big issue I have with these designs is the fact that the legs can’t be naturally apart for balance.

As my first foray into Minimates, I’m exceptionally pleased. Athena is a great figure that isn’t too exciting but I’ve been looking to get something from Battlestar Galactica that wasn’t the big 6 inch figures. The Centurion is fantastic and really shows the versatility of the line and has me very impressed. If you like the style, these are worth grabbing.

Written by jestergoblin

August 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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