Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: The Coming of Apocalypse

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My three favorite X-Men bad guys all have one thing in common: being blue. Of course, blue seems to be the predominate color for the X-Men in general. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the pairing of Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister and Mystique facing off against the X-Men. But the biggest issue for me was the fact that the original version of Apocalypse released in the Super Hero Squad was too big and way too jolly.

Apocalypse waited in hiding for centuries, planning his return. Now, he is back, and he has corrupted the X-Man Angel to serve him. Only working together can Wolverine and Nightcrawler take him down!

Might as well get Wolverine out of the way first since Wolverines are about as plentiful as they get. A repaint of the fastball special version of Logan that originally came with the X-Men Showdown with Magneto, this version of Wolverine loses a lot by not being paired up with the Russian metal man, Colossus. With no one to throw him, Wolverine just looks short, squad and has his neck at a weird angle.

But for all intents and purposes, this version of Wolverine is better than the first release. He’s now got hair on his arms and the X-buckled is painted. I do really like the figure’s face with a smug smile that fits the character really well, but the original brown costume is still the best. Wolverine moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

A repaint that’s so minor he might as well be a repack is Nightcrawler! Originally from wave 4, Nightcrawler got a bamf-ing variant already but this one goes back to his roots and is the little blue elf in his classic costume. The only paint difference is that his belt buckle is now gold instead of yellow. Otherwise, he’s identical.

Nightcrawler’s got a very unique pose that works well for the character where he balances on his hand and feet in various ways. I’d love getting a swashbuckling version or even Ultimate version of the Kurt Wagner, but this is a figure that was in need of a rerelease. Nightcrawler moves at the shoulders and waist.

During the events of the Mutant Massacre, Angel ended up getting horribly injured and lost his wings. Depressed and on the verge of suicide, he was offered a deal by Apocalypse. If Angel would become the Horseman of Death, Apocalypse would give him back his wings. Angel accepted, but the transformation completely changed him by turning his skin blue, giving him a set of organic metal wings and making him sadistic as can be. Taking the name Archangel to reflect his new persona, Warren eventually returned to X-Factor to help his friends while coming to terms with his changes.

Archangel is a repaint of the original Angel figure that came out in the original wave of the Super Hero Squad and amazingly, the sculpt has held up very well. The figure is perched on a silver cloud and his wings match but manage to look fairly unique by getting just a different coat of paint. His skin is the appropriate ghastly blue with pale yellow hair. Sure, I would have preferred a new head with the skullcap look but this is a fantastic variant.

The only other issue with the sculpt is that his old costume lines are sculpted in, giving him a weird look if you look too closely. Otherwise, his pink and blue costume is very well done and looks just as absurd as it should. Angel moves at the shoulders.

The final figure in the pack is the big bad himself: Apocalypse! Thousands of years old and willing to take the mantra of Survival of the Fittest to the extreme, Apocalypse believes only the strongest will survive and that he is the strongest there is. For some reason, Marvel’s been having a hard time getting the first versions of Apocalypse right but their second attempts always excel.

Brought down to normal size, Apocalypse still is larger than the average figure. Standing tall, he looks menacing and powerful. He’s in his classic costume that really doesn’t make any sense, like the arm tubes that have never been explained and the massive A belt buckle. Apocalypse has a great pose with his left hand clenched in a fist while his right is open like he’s about to monologue.

The paint work on Apocalypse is very well done with dark blue and charcoal. His tubes are silver and his lips look fantastic with a lighter shade of blue. His eyes are solid white, which works well since giving him red and black eyes at this scale would have looked a little odd.

Articulation is lacking though. He moves at the neck, but his arms are an issue. The plastic used on the tubes is very thick and doesn’t like to move, so his arms don’t move very far. If a more limber plastic had been used, it would be great but the tubes keep resetting to their original placement immediately after being moved.

With this pack only having one brand new figure and a decent variant, it’s not as exciting as it could be, especially since all four of these characters have been released before! But Archangel is a great repaint and Apocalypse is a much needed addition. As for Wolverine, he’s not nearly as fun without Colossus and Nightcrawler is a great figure, provided you don’t already own him. But I will say, getting an instant battle in a box is always fun and for once, this is a fight that isn’t horribly one-sided!

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