Super Hero Squad Review: Quinjet with Iron Fist & Spider-Man

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Vehicles are probably one of the most polarizing aspects of the collecting community. Some people just want figures, while others demand that all vehicles should be comic accurate. Sure, many of the Super Hero Squad vehicles left me scratching my head but I know that to kids any vehicle has play value. But I think Hasbro finally found the sweet spot of vehicles by making ones that are jammed packed for fun and comic inspired.

Webtastic crime fighter!

Spider-Man loves showing up in the Super Hero Squad whenever he can (which seems kind of odd since he wasn’t allowed to be in the show) and more often than not, when he appears he’s a repaint. This version of the webhead has been released twice already and he’s not exactly the best figure. Thankfully, almost all of the flaws have been taken care.

Spider-Man is squatting with both hands ready to shoot webs. Done in his comic costume, all of his web design is sculpted in and well painted. But the face is still really odd for Spidey with the giant, spherical white eyes that just feel wrong. Spider-man moves at the neck and shoulders.

To set him apart, Spider-Man got some metallic paint (I guess they stopped calling it Supermetal Finish), so his blue is super shiny. From the neck down, the webbing is fairly well done but his right hand and foot look a little sloppy. But the weirdest part is that his head looks like it got a wash, while the rest of him didn’t so it’s a much darker shade of red.

Amazing kung-fu skills & super-powerful fists!

Another repaint is Danny Rand, best known as the street level crime fighter, Iron Fist! Able to focus his chi into his hands to make them as strong as iron, he’s often seen along side Shang Chi and Daredevil. Like Spider-Man, Iron Fist got a minor repaint. What was yellow before is now gold. That’s it.

The figure has a great sculpt and includes his signature booties on his feet which may be the least threatening look ever. His right hand in clenched and has an aura around it while his left is outstretched. Even his sash and mask ties are flowing out. It all looks really good except for one big issue: balance.

Iron Fist’s stance, combined with his flowing sash makes the figure super back heavy. His stance, while it looks good, does nothing to help the situation and he often topples over. Iron Fist moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

As a variant, this one isn’t bad but I would have preferred getting something more along the lines of his Marvel Legends variant where he was red instead of green.

The heroes’ cosmic space cruiser!

The big selling point of the set is the Avengers‘ ship – the Quinjet! When you team consists of a bunch of people, who can’t fly or breathe in space, there’s a serious need for a vehicle that does those things. I mean, I doubt Captain American wants Iron Man to carrying him from New York to the Savage Land.

Originally designed by T’Challa, the Black Panther, Quinjets are best known for the fact that they barely last more than an issue or two after being introduced before getting blown up. Kind of like how for a few years, Helicarriers kept falling out of the sky. But the Quinjet has kept the same basic design – a bubble like hull with two wings and a fin on the back.

The Super Hero Squad Quinjet follows through and keeps the classic look there. Decked out in red and gray, the ship looks like a space ship. The whole hull is made to look like it’s assembled out of plates while there are multiple thrusters in the back. The opaque windshield opens up to reveal enough space for two, maybe three, figures. Foot pegs are included on each of the wings to add in a few more figures.

Paint applications are minimal on the vehicle with only a few darker gray areas and red detailing. Two red stripes run down the back while the Avenger’s A logo can be seen on both sides. It also includes an action feature. Underneath the hull, two large yellow bombs can be locked into place and by pressing the buttons on top, they can be released! It’s solid variation and beats getting more of the missiles that can’t actually fire.

Getting a Quinjet is great because it’s one of those iconic vehicles that rarely gets released in toy form. Sure, it’s a little small but I’d rather get this than another convertible. The inclusion of Spider-Man and Iron Fist works really well two for one simple reason: neither of them can fly! If this set had come with Thor and Iron Man, it would have been a very poor choice. So you’ve got two New Avengers and their ride, it’s a good toy and the figures aren’t bad either.

Written by jestergoblin

August 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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