Marvel Super Hero Squad Good Morning, Super Hero City SDCC Exclusive Review

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San Diego Comic Con occurred last week and I just got my hands on the exclusive I was waiting for most – the Super Hero Squad Show 3-pack!  Besides the Snake Eyes and Timber pack released two years ago, this is only other time the Hasbro Heroes have made an appearance.

As a not-particularly super-powered person, the Mayor of Super Hero City is a ready-made hostage for the villains under the command of Dr. Doom. Of course, the Mayor is under the protection of Iron Man. Dr. Doom will have to get up pretty early in the morning if he wants to pull a fast one on the armored Avenger!

The packaging on this set is pretty decent. Brightly colored with huge images from the cartoon show including Iron Man, Doctor Doom and the Mayor, the box resembles a software box. The front cover opens to reveal the three figures inside. Sure, there is a lot of wasted space inside but the effect looks really good. The back has some text along with photos of the figures, which seems a little odd since almost every Super Hero Squad pack has drawings of the characters on the back.

This is also the first pack to show off the logo as the Super Hero Squad Show. A final note, with a knife you can easily cut the tape and the bands holding the figures in without damaging the packaging at all!

Armored leader of the heroes!

I wasn’t kidding when I said this figure is getting multiple releases in the coming months. Iron Man is a repaint of the one that came with the Helicarrier, the Hover Car and with Dr. Strange. This time around though he’s got a new coat of paint and it’s the best paint job I’ve seen on an Iron Man in a long time.

Clearly drawing inspiration from the movies, Iron Man’s arc reactor and repulsors are actually multi-toned! The white centers fade to light blue along the edges and it looks really good. Iron Man’s face shows off his human eyes, which isn’t a look I care for usually, but given the cartoon influence, it works. Iron Man’s red and yellow paint is super glossy and looks good. Iron Man still moves at the shoulders and neck and his Extremis armor looks great.

Super Hero City’s bumbling bureaucrat!

I haven’t seen a single episode of the Super Hero Squad show, so I don’t know anything about the Mayor beyond the fact that he’s voiced by Stan Lee. I’m sure fans of the show though will be thrilled to get a copy of the Mayor.

Wearing a one-button suit, a skimpy red cape, possibly rubber gloves and golden boots that would confuse any super villain, the Mayor certainly has a unique fashion sense. His head is like some really bizarre take on Clark Kent with glasses and the cleft chin but with crazy eyes and an odd M-shaped tiara. The Mayor moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint on the Mayor is well done but not terribly exciting. What is most odd is the pose, like Iron Man, the Mayor doesn’t have the classic Heroes’ squat. He’s standing straight up and seems really short – like as short as Wolverine.

Tea-drinking tyrant!

While Iron Man was a fine repaint and the Mayor is a great addition for fans of the show, the third and final figure is the big selling point. Historically, SDCC exclusives have fallen into a few categories, the absurdly niche product most people don’t care about, the minor variant of the toy that will be out soon enough and the best kind of exclusive are the completely crazy figures that don’t really make sense. Doctor Doom is one such figure.

Early Morning Doom may be the dumbest variant I’ve seen in a toy line in a long, long time but I can’t help but loving him. He’s Doctor Doom, in a bathrobe, holding his tea and newspaper. It’s delightfully absurd! But what really makes the figure are the subtle details on him.

Perched on Doom’s head is a pair of reading glasses, while his metallic mask shows off early morning stubble! The ornate golden D on his breast is a delightful counter to the anti-Iron Man mug he’s clutching. And his feet are downright adorable with his cute pair of slippers – that are either Fin Fang Foom or C’thullu, I can’t quite tell. But what makes the figure is the complete and utter look of disdain in his eyes. This is a Doom who can’t believe you’re looking at him.

Doom moves at the shoulders, and his neck is a separate joint but his collar and hood prevent it from moving. The paint on the figure is excellent with every detail looking great. Everything from the string of his tea bag to the sculpted details of his fingers are there. Doom looks as good as he can look. Like Iron Man and the Mayor, Doom is also lacking the squat pose so he too seems a tad short. Or maybe he slouches in the morning.

I love the recent push by Marvel to make Doom and Iron Man into opposite sides of the same coin. The two have so much in common; it almost works better than the Doom and Reed Richards dynamic. As for an exclusive, this is a great set. Fans who don’t care about the cartoon won’t whine about their line getting diluted, while fans who love crazy, absurd variants get that in spades. For a price of $13, it’s a mighty fine exclusive and it’s still available on HasbroToyShop at cost!

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