Super Hero Squad Review: Repulsor Rammer with Iron Man

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Iron Man’s first vehicle, while not very exciting, actually made a lot of sense. Tony Stark is the kind of guy who would have a fancy sports car and then paint it in his iconic colors. So when his second vehicle came out, I wasn’t as infuriated as I was with Spider-Man’s odd collection.

Invincible super hero!

This version of Iron Man is certainly an odd one. It’s Ultimate Iron Man, but repainted in his classic yellow and red. It’s not a suit that’s ever existed in the comics to my knowledge, but it’s instantly recognizable as Iron Man and is a fine repaint.

The sculpt is well done, but a tad on the skinny side. It really looks more like a robot than a guy in a suit of metal armor. Like most versions of Iron Man, this one has one hand clenched in a fist and the other is palm out, repulsor ready. Combined with a rather intricate sculpt, Iron Man looks good and rather unique. Iron Man moves at the waist, shoulders and neck.

Cast in red plastic, Iron Man’s got a great color. The red is vibrant while the yellow does an impressive job covering up the red for once. The eyes and three chest lights are done in light blue with great coverage.

The ultimate armored crime-fighting vehicle!

At first glance, I thought this was a slightly redone Spider Truck but upon opening it up and totally not playing with it, I realized it’s a brand new toy! Probably the replacement for the Off-Road Avenger, the Repulsor Rammer is a hefty looking SUV. It looks like it’s part SUV, and part tank.

Covered in bolts, you get the idea this vehicle is built to withstand a beating. Four massive tires, that don’t have some weirdly themed rims, keep the vehicle up and off the ground too. The single open canopy probably could fit two figures, while behind the seat are two foot pegs for more figures to go. As far as vehicles go, it’s just as good as the other ones in the line.

But unlike most vehicles in this line, it’s also got an action feature! I know many collectors dislike action features, but when it adds play value without hurting the look, I’m fine with them! On the hood is a triangular emblem that looks suspiciously like an arc reactor. Push it and BAM! The front bumper extends an inch and a half! And it’s actually got some force to it so it knocks over figures. It’s so much better than the pathetic bumper that barely moves on the Spider Truck.

Of the two vehicles in this wave, the Repulsor Rammer is definitely the better of the two. Ultimate Iron Man is an interesting variant but works well as an addition to the armory. The Rammer itself is a well done, solid toy with an unobtrusive action feature that really ups the playability of the set. It’s not essential at all, but it’s a fun set – especially if some bad guys need to get knocked over!

Written by jestergoblin

August 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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