Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Nick Fury with SHIELD Agent & Skrull Soldiers

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Call them what you’d like, troop builders, canon fodder, redshirts – it doesn’t really matter but they’re all the same thing. Those faceless fighters that never seem to get a successful shot unless the plot calls for it, while thousands of them are lost in battle.

Shape-shifting alien invaders!

The Skrulls were originally a Fantastic Four issue, but as the Marvel Universe grew these odd-chinned aliens from beyond became more and more of a hassle for the rest of the world and the Avengers started picking up the slack. Then they somehow went from dumb aliens that got turned into cows to somehow learning to copy powers before making a full scale invasion of Earth.

The first Skrull released was the Super Skrull back in wave 3 and his look hasn’t really held up. This time around though are the plain Skrull Soldiers. Wearing a pair of purple pajamas, Skrulls don’t exactly look the most threatening. Spindly limbs and an odd looking chin certainly make them look inhuman though. In the right hand, the Skrull is clutching some odd, otherworldly gun that has a ball of energy in it. It looks accurate, but I kind of wish it didn’t have the projectile. Unlike most Super Hero Squad figures, the Skrull soldier isn’t smiling – he’s full of complete disdain for your species!

The paint is well done. The shade of green for the skin is a nice dark olive, while the red eyes help set him apart. The purple suit looks great with the blue zipper and shoulder pads and the gun is appropriately orange.

High-tech soldier and spy!

A lot of fans we unhappy that Ultimate Nick Fury got a figure before the classic, cigar chomping 616 version of the super spy but he’s finally here. Whenever something bad in the Marvel Universe happens, it’s almost always the Avengers fault or Nick Fury’s fault. I mean, he went as far as brainwashing a bunch of heroes for a super secret mission in Latveria and almost got Luke Cage killed!

Wearing the classic S.H.I.E.L.D. agent uniform, Nick Fury looks pretty decent. He’s not overly muscular and has the assorted straps and pouches. He’s clutching a pistol in his right hand, while his left arm has an odd bend to it. Fury moves at the neck, shoulders and waist and is sadly missing his cigar.

The paint on Fury is well done with his suit having a good, muted looked to it. Instead of being bright white, it’s off-white and goes well with the navy body suit. On his right shoulder is a great little SHIELD logo. His sideburns are a tad crazy and his eye patch is painted on, but seems to go around his head the wrong way.

But Nick Fury isn’t the only SHIELD Agent – there’s also a variant that’s just a generic SHIELD Agent! From the neck down, he’s identical to Fury and they both have the same head sculpt. But with a pair of blue eyes and blonde hair, he manages to set himself apart from his boss. The only issue is the agent doesn’t work when there’s more than one of him. His face and hair make him far too unique. Thankfully, switching limbs is easy to do with the Super Hero Squad and there are plenty of other options for making more SHIELD agents!

As the first actual variant, this is a great way to do it. Getting Fury and a generic SHIELD agent along with two Skrull soldiers is a solid option that reminds me a lot of what Minimates does when it comes to variants and making sure to include army builders with worthwhile variants. Sure, the generic agent could be more generic, but it’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to make him and Fury look different.

Super Hero Squad Wave 10
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Skrull Soldier & Nick Fury with SHIELD Agent
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October 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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