Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Weapon X & Mystique

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When the Wolverine Super Hero Squad Wolverine Evolution set was first announced, there were no pictures. I hoped it would be some awesome comic themed pack with Weapon X, Patch and Old Man Logan, but instead it was just Wolverine playing dress up. So while that pack disappointed me, this one delivered.

Savage fighter with metal claws!

Before he was known as Wolverine, Logan was known as Weapon X. The tenth attempt at creating a super soldier in the Weapon Plus program, Wolverine was supposed to be the first successful attempt at weaponizing mutants. Weapon I is better known as Captain America.

Weapon X is a Wolverine variant but a great Wolverine variant. All new sculpt, he’s a great take on the near-naked Canadian. Sporting wires and gizmos and a virtual helmet that would make Cerebro blush, Weapon X looks unlike any other Wolverine we’ve seen before. Or any other figure at all, since he’s basically a naked guy in shorts and suspenders.

Sure, Wolverine is sporting an absurd grin that doesn’t fit but the massive mutton chops and fantastic wire work makes up for it. With various cords going from his head and arms to his back, Weapon X looks weird but looks right. He’s barefoot and even has the right number of toes! But the cool look has some limitations because Wolverine really only moves at the right shoulder and waist. His head and left arm can turn, but the wires bring them back into place. His back also looks weird with where all the wires plug into him.

The paint though is great, with most of Wolverine being a surprisingly tan Canadian. His wires and electronics are all well painted with reds, yellows and silvers and add some needed color.

Shape-changing mutant villain!

Mystique is one of my favorite X-Villains – she’s up there with Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister. Or maybe I just like blue bad guys that can shapeshift. A spy, the mother of Nightcrawler and the adoptive mother of Rogue, Mystique was on the top of my list for most wanted Super Hero Squad figures. Thankfully, she’s in her classic costume instead of the modern leather look.

Wearing thigh high boots, reverse three-quarter sleeve gloves, a skimpy one piece and a stunning golden skull belt with matching sash, Mystique certainly has a unique way of dressing. Unarticulated, Mystique has a great pose with one hand on her hip and the other holding a quasi-futuristic gun in the air. Combined with her sash that has a bit of a sway in it, she looks great.

Most of Mystique is solid white, so her paint has to be clean or it will look really bad. Her yellow skulls are well painted and her gun is perfectly done. Her hair looks great and the face is centered just right – even her lips and teeth are painted right! The best thing about Mystique though is the shade of blue they used on her; it’s the exact same shade as Nightcrawler! Fun fact, Mystique was originally supposed to be Nightcrawler’s father, not mother.

While pairing Weapon X and Mystique is kind of weird, it’s a great expansion of the X-Men universe. Weapon X is a great variant that is worlds better than getting some weird unmasked version of Logan and Mystique is a popular villainess who deserved getting immortalized in a tiny, adorable chunk of plastic.

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Weapon X & Mystique

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October 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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