Transformers the Movie Robot Heroes: Megatron & Ratchet

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For the Transformers movie, many classic giant robots got heavily redesigned. While Optimus Prime stayed pretty close to his roots, Megatron is a drastic departure. And I don’t mean because they got Hugo Weaving to do his voice instead of Frank Welker.

The Transformers movie designs don’t really translate well into the Hasbro Heroes style. The complexity is either lost or ends up looking really off. Since Michael Bay said he didn’t want any mass shifters (Transformers that changed size), he avoided fan favorite Soundwave but gave us Blackout instead. But he couldn’t omit the most famous mass shifter: Megatron! Normally he converts into a gun, which another character then has to fire. I don’t know how a guy like that became a leader. So he had to get a redesign and Megatron became a Cybertroian Jet which also had a tank on it. It doesn’t really make sense, but it kind of works.

Megatron’s first Robot Hero seems to have more in common with a lobster than the leader of the Deceptions. Nothing about his look, besides being gray, feels like Megatron. His hands are giant claws – without as much as even a wrist gun or something! Just clawed hands with some massive clawed feet and a thing on his back that looks a lot like a robotic manta ray – even his iconic helmet is missing and he’s just sporting a giant grin that doesn’t even look evil. Megatron moves at the neck and shoulders.

The paint is well done with some airbrushed blues to add some color to his otherwise monochromatic look. He’s covered in gold accents and black details. If anything, his bright white teeth and red eyes look the most out of place. He’s a fine looking robot; he just doesn’t look much like Megatron.

The good guy in the set is Ratchet! Originally a repaint of Ironhide done in white, he’s the Autobot’s medic (or maybe mechanic). Of the Transformers, he got the most radical redesign. Instead of being an ambulance, he turned into a lime green Hummer H2 that was a search and rescue truck. So the theme at least stayed the same, but the look is totally different.

The first thing about Ratchet that needs to be talked about is his pose. I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be giving an encouraging thumbs up. Or he’s hitchhiking. Or he’s working some seedy street corner ready to proposition anyone who comes along. Basically, it’s not a good pose for him. While the pose is awkward at best, the rest of the sculpt is well done and actually shows that he can transform into something else.

Ratchet’s chest is made up of the grill and shows off some headlights, while his hips and shoulders hide his tires. His face has a slight smile and the sculpt is well done overall. Ratchet moves at the shoulders and neck, but his shoulder antenna limits some of the neck movement.

Throw in some gold and silver details, along with some cautionary stripes, and he looks pretty good. From the front at least. Like Optimus Prime, Ratchet’s back is almost entirely bare. He’s just lime green. Ratchet is also sporting the smallest Autobot logo I’ve ever seen on his right forearm. It’s absolutely tiny!

As a two-pack, I feel very underwhelmed by this set. Megatron just looks really odd and nothing like his namesake. If the package said “Random Metal Lobster Robot,” it would be fine and he’d be a good figure. But the package said Megatron and he doesn’t even have his iconic gun arm. As for Ratchet, a change of pose would go a long way, and some extra paint on the back wouldn’t have hurt. But at the end of the day, here are two robots that don’t even look like they can fight. You’ve got Megatron flexing and Ratchet giving him a thumbs up. These are robots that can turn their arms into buzz saws and cannons, why not give us that?

Written by jestergoblin

September 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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