Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: Battling the Brotherhood

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The Wolverine Super Hero Squad was just a glorified way to get more X-Men crammed into the line without having them spill over in the regular line. Kind of like how Spider-Man was absent for the first five waves of the Super Hero Squad. But getting more X-Men often means getting more repaints.

When the Blob plants his feet, nothing on Earth can force him to move. Luckily, the incredible strength of Colossus, the fighting skills of Wolverine and the freezing ice blasts of Iceman are more than enough to bring him down.

Wolverine is a repaint of his unmasked variant that originally came with the first Sentinel. It’s basically just the first Wolverine figure ever released with a new head. But this figure really is showing its age. The head feels oversized, the pose just looks weird and the claws are still atrocious.

It’s especially frustrating to get this figure after getting the fantastic repaint of X-Force Wolverine, since he’s little more than a tanner version with bushier eyebrows. It just isn’t exciting and he’s a figure that’s been released over half a dozen times already. His costume looks kind of weird, but at least he moves at the shoulders and neck. Long story short, there this figure is complete and utter filler, and bad filler at that.

The next repaint is also from wave 1, this time it’s Colossus. This sculpt is still less than perfect given his Galactic Heroes squat which, combined with his lack of bulk, makes Colossus feel undersized. The biggest issue though is still the legs, which are painted metallic but don’t have the iconic lines! His hands don’t have the lines either.

But the new paint job is pretty decent. In the Danger Room 5-pack, Colossus was redone metallic, but this time he’s a cobalt blue with a deep red and gold costume that looks good. Had this been a repaint of his second figure, it would be incredible. Colossus moves at the waist and shoulders.

The third repaint in the pack is the best one yet: Bobby Drake! A repaint of Ultimate Iceman, this version is cast entirely in translucent plastic and only has a light covering of blues to give him a frosted look. It works really well and is a fantastic variant of the sculpt.

While unarticulated, Bobby’s got a good pose. His face is smirking while his hair tips are literally frosted. The ice cubes come off his right hand are still kind of weird, but it’s a fine representation of his powers. The only issue I had with the figure were his legs got bent in the packaging, but a quick boil and set fixed it.

The final figure in the pack is member of the Brotherhood, the Blob! Horrendously obese and able to create his own gravity, the Blob usually serves as more of a distraction than an actual threat. But he made a great transition to the Super Hero Squad line. Instead of being grotesque like his Marvel Legends figure, Blob goes the path of slightly more adorable without getting disgusting.

To make up a majority of his bulk, Blob is actually hollow which allows him to get some serious size. This makes him feel surprising light at first but I think it’s preferable over having a giant chunk of plastic that can easily turn into a projectile. Not that I have any experience throwing baseball sized action figures at people who totally deserved it.

Blob’s arms actually look muscular over being flabby, but his legs are just the right amount of chunky. Even his feet are oddly misshapen but it works really well. Blob’s triple chin is resting on his chest and the look on his face seems more like “hungry” than “angry.”

Blob only moves at the shoulders, since his head is snuggly trapped in his chest. The paint is well done with his charcoal and goldenrod outfit being well painted. The only issue is that his legs are blatantly a different shade than his head and arms because they’re painted. But he’s the Blob; he’s not supposed to be the most mobile guy in the world.

It feels like a cop-out to call this set the Battle of the Brotherhood and only include the Blob, but he did show up in the movie so it makes sense to include it. Unlike the Mr. Sinister Set or Apocalypse pack that had worthwhile repaints, Colossus and Wolverine just feel cheap. Had they included the fastball special version of the pair with new paint, it would be a lot better. At least Bobby is a fine repaint. One final thing, I’ve got to hand it to Hasbro for making a battle that’s fair. Without Iceman, Colossus and Wolverine wouldn’t stand a chance against the invincible Blob.

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