Toy Review – Wolverine Super Hero Squad Wolverine Evolution 4-Pack

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Wolverine has lived for more than a hundred years, and during that time he has been many men – soldier, thief, assassin, and hero. The only thing about him that has never changed has been his sense of right. Even when he’s been forced to work alongside evil men, he has done everything he could to save lives and defend the weak.

This is the second pack released based off Wolverine Origins which means two things: less comicbook-y looks and Wolverine has brown hair. Other then that, they fit in fine with the rest of the Super Hero Squad. Of course pretty much everything in the intro blurb is a complete lie – he’s the best at what he does and what he does isn’t very nice.

First up is Wolverine with bone claws (or as my friend put it “Lumberjack Wolverine”), he’s a repaint of the Logan from Wolverine on the Run. That figure was based off the “Motorcycle-riding Logan” buck, which means we’ve seen him four times already.

The biggest change to this figure – a plaid shirt! Clean and crisp paint make him stand out but he falls victim to Wolverine becoming an action hero, which means making him more like Hugh Jackman, so much more tan. Logan moves at the shoulders and can ride any of the motorcycles released.

Wolverine Congo Assault Outfit is a nice way of saying wearing a tank top and having amazing sideburns. This figure is just so odd, his smiling face and parted hair don’t make him look like Wolverine.  He looks more like some guy with claws and an assault rifle strapped to his back. His paint applications are lacking as well, with his belt and water bottle has nothing – just cast in the color of the plastic.

Congo Assault Logan has his bone claws still. His head looks like it should move, but only his shoulders rotate.

Wolverine Weapon X Escape is Wolverine in a cowboy hat and leather jacket. Yes, he’s wearing the legendary jacket that he left in Gambit‘s plane and somehow got back before X-Men 1 – even though he had lost his memory and could have never remembered where his jacket was.  This figure is good overall though, a decent pose, angry face and comes with Wolverine’s token cowboy hat, for some reason he’s staring downwards.

The oddest part is how short his claws are, about half the length of any other Wolverine claws. Weapon X Escape Wolverine continues the theme of only moving at the shoulders.

Wolverine X-Men Uniform is a repaint of the unreleased Ultimate Wolverine figure and is based off the costume from the abomination, X-Men 3. As a whole, the look isn’t bad and works without looking like some super obvious repaint. He has the best articulation for the line, both shoulders, waist and neck. The biggest problem is that this is the only movie-style costume we have and would have been better suited for a multi-pack consisting of other team members like Iceman, Cyclops, Wolverine and Jean Grey.

Overall, this set just feels really off. While a multipack of only Iron Men worked out when that movie came out, it’s because Tony Stark has multiple suits at all times but Wolverine doesn’t need that. A repaint and three new sculpts just doesn’t do much for me. Another issue is that there are many more aspects of Wolverine that weren’t included, like Weapon X and his time as Patch. As a collector, there’s some neat stuff but as a kid a set of Wolverines doesn’t provide much play value on its own – there’s no bad guy!

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