Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: Uncanny X-Men

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Repaints and repacks are a great way to get toys in the hands of people who just want a copy of the character, while a good repaint can add a lot of value to an existing toy. But for every Angel turned into Archangel or Wolverine donning his X-Force costume, there are some repaints that leave people scratching their heads. At least all the repaints in this pack are interesting variants for the most part.

The X-Men battle evil in secret so that we might live in peace. Powerful and dedicated to doing what is right, they protect the world from the explosive power of evil mutants.

I usually praise Hasbro for the copy on the back of their packaging. In the Iron Man line, they do a great job of blending together the comic and movie universes but this pack doesn’t really make sense. I mean, when I think of heroes who “do what is right” – none of these figures spring to mind.

Brown suit Wolverine gets around in two forms: the awesome one and the one that looks like he ran head first into a wall. This version is the awesome one from wave 4 and Hasbro may have finally perfected the paint applications on him! The most minor tweaking of the paint adds a lot to this otherwise fantastic figure.

When he was first released, he didn’t have any arm hair. His second release added arm hair but took away his undies. This third release has both! You can’t get any more iconic than this for a brown costume Wolverine! His sculpt and pose are fantastic, he’s just small enough to feel right and the snarl on his face is great. Throw in articulation at the shoulders, waist and neck and you’ve got a perfect Super Hero Squad figure.

Another original from wave 4 is Phoenix! She also first came with brown costume Wolverine, but instead of just tweaking the green girl, she’s wearing a brand new costume. While Jean Grey may have one of the most convoluted character histories, and she may have more clones than Spider-Man, the White Phoenix of the Crown just adds another level of crazy to the character. Basically, green was good, red was bad and white is I don’t even know. The afterlife or something, and I thought the X-Men relationship chart was confusing enough.

A direct repaint, White Phoenix looks pretty much the same. What was green is now white, what was yellow is now gold. Her skin is much tanner this time around and the phoenix fire base still looks great. Phoenix is still unarticulated, but the pose and sculpt look great.

Harkening back from the original wave of the Super Hero Squad is Sabretooth! A repaint (or possibly a repack, since I don’t know if this pack or the Danger Room came first), Sabretooth is wearing much more muted browns. But coming from the first wave, he doesn’t quite fit in the rest. While I admire the dynamic attempt at a pose, it really limits what the figure can do especially since Sabretooth only moves at the shoulders.

The biggest issue with Sabretooth though is the size of the figure; Victor Creed is supposed to be absolutely massive – like the size of Venom. This figure just feels far too small, like he’s Wolverine sized.

The last figure is the Merc with a Mouth – Deadpool! Insanely popular, Deadpool’s first figure came out in wave 6 of the Super Hero Squad but that figure wasn’t that great, especially in the paint department. This time around, Hasbro took the route of just casting Wade Wilson in red plastic and it makes a huge difference!

No longer are his black and reds bleeding everywhere, everything is clean and crisp and looks right. But now that the paint is fixed, the figure still has some issues. His pose of being one step forward combined with the massive swords makes him rather unstable. And for some reason, he’s still got a second set of swords on his back.

But the biggest issue is the face. When Deadpool first debuted, he wasn’t the crazy, yellow box talking guy he is today. He was supposed to be a serious assassin and we all know how well that turned out. So when Deadpool first debuted, he didn’t have the crazy, expressive eyes he’s known for today. He just had small ones that didn’t change size. I just wish the eyes had been different sized.

Being a pack of repaints is kind of annoying, but at least it isn’t as bad as the Iron Man ones that didn’t really offer anything new. Getting Phoenix, Deadpool and Sabretooth is a good idea and releasing them alongside the best Wolverine yet doesn’t hurt. But what seems really weird is just the grouping of these four figures. The back of the box shows off Deadpool, Wolverine and Phoenix together taking down Sabretooth. That’s absurdly unfair! Throw in the fact that all of these characters have been known to kill innocents just makes this a really weird Uncanny X-Men themed pack.

Wolverine Super Hero Squad Wave 1
Hunt for Mr. Sinister
X-Force Wolverine, X-23, Cable & Mr. Sinister
The Coming of Apocalypse
Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Archangel, & Apocalypse
Battling the Brotherhood
Wolverine, Iceman, Colossus & the Blob
Uncanny X-Men
Wolverine, White Phoenix, Deadpool & Sabretooth
Wolverine on the Run
Logan with motorcycle, Victor Creed & Deadpool

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