Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Review: Barricade & Bumblebee

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A bunch of Transformers got thrown around in preparation of the first Transformers movie. Some characters only had a passing resemblance while others seemed to be completely new. But Barricade may be the first one to have switch sides, since he really should be Prowl. I mean come on; they both look like they’ve got horns!

Barricade is different from most of the Decepticons in first Transformers movie for one simple reason: he’s not a military vehicle! Starscream and Blackout transform into a jet and a helicopter while Megatron is a Cybertronian Jet, but Barricade is just a police car.

Modeled after a Ford Mustang Saleen S281E, Barricade looks like he could pass as an Autobot if he had a different head and a different coat of paint. But Barricade looks good. While his movie model is spiky, the Robot Hero version does a great job of toning down the look and he ends up looking more like one of the animated Robot Heroes instead. Sure, he’s still very well detailed but he doesn’t look any more over the top than one of the Insecticons.

Barricade looks great overall. Sure, he’s got some kibble on his back and shoulders of tires and possible guns, but instead of just looking like a giant robot, he looks like a giant robot that was originally a car. He’s posed with a slight lean and looks appropriately vicious. His hands are clawed and his face is sporting quite the grin. Barricade moves at the shoulders and neck, but it’s all somewhat limited by his odd backpack.

The paint is well done too. Mostly black with some silver, purple and gold details along with a pair of bright red eyes that look much better than Megatron’s, Barricade looks appropriately evil. On his left arm he has the word “POLICE” while his right shows off his Decepticon allegiance and furthers my belief that the designers had no idea where to put the logos on these figures.

The Autobot in the set is one of the main characters in the movie! Instead of being a VW Bug, Bumblebee got reimagined as a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro before changing into a 2006 Concept Chevrolet Camaro. This meant his robot mode changed a bit too. I think this is the ’76 version of Bumblebee.

Bumblebee looks much more like a warrior this time around than his cartoon version. He’s sculpted well with an absurd level of detail on him. I love that his tires make up his ankles. His right hand is converted into a blaster. Bumblebee isn’t in battle mode though because his oddly round head is unmasked and looks rather fat. Another great touch is the doors on his back that look like a pair of wings, which works great for the name. Bumblebee moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint is pretty decent too, but instead of being black and yellow, he’s bluish-silver and yellow which doesn’t feel quite as right. The paint is well applied but his big blue eyes look kind of odd and out of place with other figures in the line. Bumblebee has a tiny red dot on his forehead which is supposed to be his Autobot symbol, but he’s got another one on the underside of his arm canon which just seems like an odd place for it.

In the movie, Bumblebee and Barricade were shown off as being rivals, since they were about the same size and both transformed into cars. While Bumblebee isn’t perfect, he’s good enough but I’d prefer a masked version of the muted robot. As for Barricade, he’s looks evil and mean like he should.

Written by jestergoblin

September 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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