Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Review: Jazz & Frenzy

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The designs of some Transformers are legendary and are barely changed with each new revision. Almost always Optimus Prime is going to be big, blue and red. But some Transformers get redesigned so much that they don’t even resemble their original heritage. This became very obvious in Transformers with Frenzy.

Originally a cassette stored in Soundwave‘s tape deck chest with Rumble, Laserbeak and Ravage, Frenzy got turned into some kind of super Transformer in the movie that couldn’t be killed. And could convert into any small electronic device for hiding. But his design is one of those weird ones that doesn’t translate well into the Hasbro Heroes style, so his Robot Hero is oddly colored, oddly sized and oddly designed.

Since his spindly design doesn’t work on real toys, Frenzy did some serious bulking up. Sure, his arms are still skinnier than normal Robot Heroes, but it helps set him apart. His feet are absolutely massive though, larger than most characters’ torsos. To make him “friendlier,” Frenzy’s face got an overhaul. He’s sporting a wide smile and lost two of his eyes.

The sculpt is well detailed and matches the other Movie Robot Heroes aesthetic well, but the scale is horribly off. This is a figure that should be about the size of Lil Timber or one of the Adventure Heroes’ snakes! Instead he’s full sized and really wide with the extra arms. Frenzy moves at the shoulders and his head can move left to right a bit.

The other drastic change to Frenzy are his colors. Instead of being light silver with blue highlights, he’s brown with blue, yellow, silver and red details. It’s a big mess and makes him look even less like his movie version. He suffers from the “no-paint-on-the-back” that all the Movie Robot Heroes have. He’s also missing a Decepticon logo!

On the side of the Autobots is Jazz! The hip, jive-talking robot that loves being on Earth and for some reason is almost completely ignored by Optimus Prime. I mean, he got ripped in half by Megatron and no one seemed to care!

Jazz’s movie upgrade kept him fairly similar to his classic design. He’s sleek, smooth and is still sporting his sunglasses-visor. But instead of being black and white, he’s mostly silver. Considered to be the smallest Autobot, Jazz and Frenzy show that scale doesn’t exist in this line really since both of them are way too big.

Jazz has a great look sculpt that still manages to look like he transformed from a car. The grill is his chest, his shoulders and heels show off tires too. The rest of him is nicely detailed by still manages to look smooth and uncluttered. His right hand is a weird two-fingered claw while his left is clutching a spiked shield. Jazz’s face has a great smirk and his visor covers most of his head. One issue with Jazz is his feet are uneven, so balancing him can be tricky. Jazz moves at the neck and shoulders.

The paint is surprisingly complex with multiple blacks, golds, reds and blues covering his body. But it manages to work well. Jazz’s back is almost completely bare and his shield has the Autobot insignia on it.

Jazz was a throwaway character in the first movie that got ripped in half, but then got revived and came back in the second movie and no one found that weird. But they are giant robots, so I’m guessing repairs are possible. Frenzy also died, so between scale issues and death these two have plenty in common.

Written by jestergoblin

October 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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