Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: the Thing & Kang the Conqueror

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Occasionally Marvel continuity gets a little convoluted. And I don’t just mean when the Phoenix gets involved. Take Kang, the time traveling warlord who happens to be descended from Victor Von Doom and once traveled back to Egypt circa 2950 B.C. to enslave En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse. And his actual name happens to be Nathaniel Richards making him like the Cable of the Fantastic Four, only evil.

Time-traveling world conqueror!

While he looks like a blue skinned alien, Kang the Conqueror is actually just a regular guy in a super advanced suit using 40th Century technology. It also makes Tony Stark very jealous. Armed with the power of history and time travel, Kang has planted himself across multiple times and places effectively making him immortal. Of course, making a bunch of versions of yourself and throwing them across the time stream can make for some weird issues. Like the fact that Kang also is (or was [or will be]) Iron Lad of the Young Avengers.

Designed by Jack Kirby, Kang looks appropriately absurd but thankfully his look has been a little toned down for his Super Hero Squad figure. He’s still wearing elbow length purple gloves with matching thigh-high boots, but at least his classically billowing shirt has been toned way down and just looks baggy. His outfit looks to be mostly based off his more modern look with some minor changes to the coloring.

Kang is wielding twin-pistols that are probably from the future. I’m guessing they’re similar to his “ultra-diode” ray guns he used in Egypt as Rama-Tut. The one odd thing about Kang though is the fact that he only moves at the right shoulder. Kang’s also sporting a fantastic grin on his face.

The paint is well done, crisp and clean. His face is blue with two parallel stripes running down it along with large white eyes. Sure, his neck should technically be purple and the trim on the lower part of his shirt should be bright green, but the overall look works well and screams Kang (along with screaming bad guy since he’s green and purple).

Rocky strong man!

While Kang is often a threat to the Avengers, he’s also been a pain for the Fantastic Four. The Thing is a repaint of his original figure in his Ultimate costume. From the waist down, he’s near identical to his original release only this time his pants are cast in blue plastic instead of being painted. The deeper color works really well.

The Thing still moves only at the waist, and his upper body is still mac n cheese colored. But like his pants, he’s cast in that color and it again works a lot better. Had it just been left at that, he’d be fine but instead Hasbro wanted to make him look a little different and painted parts of him a burnt orange.

Not all of him, just some of his rocky hide is dark orange and looks really weird. Like he’s suffering from some disease or covered in mold. If he had been painted like the Collector’s Pack #1 version but had those pants, he’d be perfect. Instead he just looks really weird.

While it is possible that the Thing’s look is inspired from the comics when he got punched so hard that some of his skin was knocked off, it still ends up looking bad. As for Kang, he’s a great figure and if he had a few more points of articulation, he’d be an excellent one. It’s just a shame that this wave was near impossible to find.

Super Hero Squad Wave 11
Kang the Conqueror & the Thing
Cyclops & Marvel Girl
Shang-Chi & Spider-Man
Shocker & Shock-proof Spider-Man

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October 18th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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