Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: Wolverine on the Run

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The only pack actually based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a very weird pack. If you want movie-themed versions of the characters, it works great but if you actually liked that movie – we’ve got a whole different set of problems. But at least Hasbro had enough sense to make a movie themed pack before the third wave this time.

With the ultimate mutant, Deadpool, on the loose, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up – or be destroyed!

At first glance, Bone Claw Logan looks a lot like the regular Logan that came out in wave 5 of the Super Hero Squad. Sure, they’re in the exact same pose but as you look more closely, you realize nothing else is the same. Based off Wolverine’s more old-timey look before he got his leather jacket, Logan isn’t terribly exciting.

Wearing a button down shirt and a pair of khakis, he dresses like my grandfather. He’s sporting the iconic Wolverine hair along with a pair of bone claws which are new. Wolverine only moves at the shoulders.

The paint isn’t exciting but works well. He’s wearing a tan shirt with brown pants and brown shoes. The skin tone works and the bone color looks good but it’s not very exciting.

Since he’s in the pose of riding a motorcycle, Wolverine comes with one too! A repaint of the X-Cycle, this time around the bike is done up in black which is a vast improvement over the tiger striped style of the first one. Sure, the X emblems on the side don’t make any sense but Wolverine can ride it and the wheels spin freely.

The motorcycle is still lacking a kickstand so it’s a pain for displaying which is a real shame because Ghost Rider’s flame cycle made great use of the kickstand for balancing it.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Sabretooth isn’t quite Sabretooth yet and is still going by Victor Creed. Mostly human, Creed is beginning to show off some mutation with clawed hands and fangs, but nothing as extreme as what he becomes in the comics. Creed clearly shops at the same location as Punisher and Blade because he’s wearing an all black outfit with a black trench coat. Played by actor Live Schreiber, the figure continues the movie theme of basically ignoring who the actors are. Sure, this little Creed’s got the crazy sideburns but that’s it.

The pose for Creed is interesting with him looking to the right with his claws drawn, and you better like it because he’s not moving. Aside from a few degrees of movement in the waist, Creed is static. At least his shirt looks nice and I love that his belt buckle is a set of teeth.

Creed’s paint isn’t too exciting. He’s a few different shades of black and dark gray for the most part. One weird part is the paint on his face makes him look way too happy. This is a guy who killed Wolverine’s girlfriend because he could. He shouldn’t look jolly!

The final figure in the pack is given the name Deadpool, but if you ask me, he isn’t. And the packaging on this set agrees with me. Beneath the title of this set and the text on the back are a slightly different set of details. This set was originally called “Battle at Three Mile Island,” and the box said this:

The Weapon 11 program has created the ultimate mutant – Deadpool! As the mutant menace rampages across Three Mile Island, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up – or be destroyed.

So Deadpool is also Weapon XI which makes a lot more sense. So instead of being the wise cracking merc with a mouth, he’s the mute, laser eye blasting, Baraka rip-off that’s dressed very casually. If the movie wants to call him Deadpool, fine but they also completely changed the character of William Stryker and I loved that character in the second movie.

Weapon XI looks absolutely nothing like his actors, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins. He’s a bald, shirtless guy that looks like he drew on himself with sharpies while wearing sweat pants and Velcro sneakers. The drastic difference in style between Weapon XI and Logan is amazing, it’s like they’re from completely different times.

Out of both forearms on Weapon XI is a single long blade that physically could never fit in his arms since they’re as long as his arms! His wrists are bandaged. On his chest and body, he’s covered in odd red lines that never got explained. Weapon XI moves at the shoulders and waist.

A fan of X-Men Origins: Wolverine would probably love this pack since it recreates a pivotal scene from the movie. Much in the same way that the Uncanny X-Men pack recreates and throws in Phoenix for good measure. But at the end, this pack just doesn’t seem that good. Wolverine and the motorcycle are nothing that new, while Victor Creed and Weapon XI aren’t big selling points for me. Or maybe I’m still bitter over how far the X-Men film series has fallen.

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