Wolverine Super Hero Squad Review: Doom of the Dark Beast

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For some unknown reason, the second wave of the Wolverine Super Hero Squad consisted of just this single set. The first wave was 5 sets and the third wave was only two. It just seems kind odd. Or maybe it has to do with the rushed schedule of X-Men Origins: Wolverine after the nearly finished print leaked.

Wolverine and Havok have discovered the most recent lair of Dark Beast, where he amasses himself with the results of his evil experiments. Chasing the acrobatic villain on the back of Wolverine’s powerful cruiser, the two X-Men hope to stop the evil super scientist’s work for good!

Logan is a straight repack of his wave 5 figure. This time around his paint is glossy instead of matte, which isn’t a terribly exciting variant. He’s wearing his blue jeans, cowboy boots and a white tank top. His adamantium claws are only popped out of his left hand while his right clutches the handlebars.

This figure still feels really weird to me though. More like what people want Wolverine to be instead of how he actually his. His raised eyebrow makes him look kind of goofy when he should probably be looking beastly and feral instead. Wolverine moves at the shoulders.

Wolverine’s Cruiser is a blue repaint of the original X-Cycle which has shown up a few other times in the Super Hero Squad line. The bike is decent, but it’s still the worst of the three available motorcycles. Without a kickstand, the bike easily topples over. Both wheels spin freely and it works well as a vehicle though for playing, just not displaying.

The paint job is kind of hideous but I could see Wolverine riding on a motorcycle covered in blue and black flames. It’s an interest variant and goes along pretty well with the other ugly as sin vehicles like the tiger stripe bike and Iron Man’s personal mobile command center.

The second Summers’ brother, Alex, is better known as Havok. Able to absorb cosmic energy and redirect it into plasma, Havok is often mistaken to have the ability to blow things up. In actuality, his powers can cause spikes in temperatures making it look like things explode. He and his brother also happen to be immune to each others’ powers.

Havok is wearing his costume that he wore in the late 160s during X-Men 2nd series. An all black suit with metal boots and shoulder pads, along with lines that run to his chest; it’s a good and unique look. His head doesn’t really look much like Scott, but seeing as you only see Cyclops’s chin, it could. His blonde hair spills out over his headgear.

While unarticulated, Havok’s hands are surrounded with recursive circles to look like his powers. It’s a great way to show them off, though I do wish they were removable and his arms could move. The paint is very well done with one exception, his center disk. It’s made to look like the energy he projects, but it’s against black so it just looks like a hole in his chest. It would have been better if it had been painted light blue like an arc reactor.

The final figure in the pack is Dark Beast. Hank McCoy from the alternate dimension known as Age of Apocalypse, Dark Beast served under Mr. Sinister in the breeding pens to create the ultimate mutant as decreed by Apocalypse. But unlike Sinister, Dark Beast was not held back by morals or ethics and enjoyed torturing his patients like an X-Universe Dr. Mengele. Through a series of events involving time travel and the M’Kraan Crystal, Dark Beast ended up in the regular Marvel Universe but 20 years in the past.

Dark Beast is just a repaint of the Beast figure from wave 4. Instead of being blue, he’s a dull muted gray with bright yellow eyes. It’s a decent switch but doesn’t really capture the unique look of the character. He still moves at the waist and shoulders.

Being an apprentice of Mr. Sinister, Dark Beast often wore pants that resembled Sinister’s own leg-wear. So getting a figure that’s just Beast but gray, still wearing a massive X-buckle on his belt doesn’t work as well as it should for a repaint. But in all honesty, I never expected to get any of the Age of Apocalypse characters in the Super Hero Squad.

Getting Dark Beast and Havok is bound to make some X-Men fans happy, but including another Wolverine with the motorcycle is starting to get boring when there are plenty of more exciting variants. At the end of the day, this pack really only offers one new figure and unless you like Dark Beast as much as I do as a character, this is an easy one to pass on.

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