Movie Combat Heroes Review: General Hawk & Cobra Viper

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Turns out I lied when I reviewed Ripcord; he wasn’t the only weaponless G.I. Joe Combat Hero. He just happened to be the only one with empty hands, because General Hawk happens to be lacking in the weapons department too.

Wrapping up the first wave of the G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra Combat Heroes is the group’s leader: General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy. Played by Dennis Quaid, Hawk got a few years younger but didn’t doesn’t do much in the film other some how manage not to get killed when both Storm Shadow and Zartan had every opportunity to do so. Continuing the theme with the movie lines, Hawk looks absolutely nothing like Quaid – they don’t even have the same color eyes!

But while he doesn’t look like the actor, he’s a decent representation of General Hawk from the movie. He’s wearing cargo pants done in a gray on gray camouflage along with a fancy jacket that looks to be made of the same stuff as the impact suits worn by the Joes. He’s also wearing his beret, which he probably took from Flint.

Like many leaders, Hawk’s left hand is pointing allowing him to point at things like Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander. I guess in the Hasbro Heroes world, pointing means leader. In his right hand, Hawk is clutching a flag on a pole. Hawk moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint isn’t as good as it could be. Since the figure is mostly black, any weak coverage is immediately noticeable. On his right hand, the top of the fist looks gray where the coverage isn’t as good. The rest of him is decent, but the G.I. Joe insignia on his flag and hat are both weaker than they should be. His pants look really good though, along with his belt buckle.

General Hawk comes paired up with a nice piece of canon fodder for the Joes to fight – a Cobra Viper! A step up from the Cobra Neo-Viper that came with Snake Eyes, Cobra Viper looks far more menacing. Covered in plated armor, spiky pads and massive combat boots, he has a great design for the generic army builders. The face is covered in a mask that makes him look vaguely alien. His gun is appropriately futuristic for a MARS design.

This guy suffers from Beachhead syndrome. You better like the pose, because he’s not really moving out of it. The Cobra Viper is sculpted to be aiming his gun to the left and while his arms are pretty much stuck and only his head can turn. Thankfully, it’s a good look for the figure.

The paint isn’t exciting, but works well. The figure is just gray, black and silver. The only dashes of color are the red Cobra logos on both shoulders. Otherwise, he’s just a walking suit of metal armor with a giant silver gun.

General Hawk isn’t terribly exciting as a figure, but he’s more of a behind the scenes guy while Duke is the one who takes charge on the battlefield. I just wish he had some kind of weapon. The Cobra Viper is infinitely better than the Firefly repaint that happened and makes for a great army builder. It’s not a super exciting set, but it nicely rounds out both forces in this endless war.

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October 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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