Action League Review: Green Lantern Guy Gardner & Dr. Polaris

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The fourth wave of the Batman Brave and the Bold Action League has been a pain to track down. Then again, this one pack may not actually be part of wave 4. It’s more like wave 4.5. But what frustrates me the most is that this pack is near impossible to find, but may be the best Action League pack released.

Green Lantern fights the evil personality of Doctor Polaris to bring out his good side.

The packaging calls him Green Lantern like he’s the only one, but comic fans know him best as Guy Gardner – the action hero knock-off. Sure, Gardner may not be as well known as Hal Jordan or have the support of the cartoons like John Stewart but he’s still a Green Lantern.

Wanting to set himself apart from the other Green Lanterns, especially since he originally didn’t get the job because Hal Jordan just happened to be closer, Gardner is wearing a hideous outfit that takes all the worst elements of the 80s. Between the bowl haircut that looks almost like a toupee, to the gaudy white trim and gloves, Gardner certainly stands out. His vest is bright green and white while his tights are black. It’s unique, and accurate and absolutely awful.

Instead of using the same shade of green for his clothes and ring, Guy’s ring and patch are done in lime green that helps add some extra color to the figure. His face looks sullen and unhappy, which matches how the character acted a lot of the time. The paint is perfect all around.

Aesthetically, he feels kind of different from the other Action League figures. He feels bigger than Batman and more curved instead of boxy and I prefer it. It’s subtle but noticeable when he’s compared to other Action League figures, but not so much that he stands out. This makes me think he was one of the first figures made once Mattel decided to make their DC Universe Action League. Guy Gardner moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

The villain in this set is Doctor Polaris, who oddly enough was created only months before Magneto making it more likely that both companies came up with the idea of a bad guy who controlled magnetism separate from each other.

Decked out in an impressively evil looking outfit, Doctor Polaris stands out in the crowd. Between his Galactus-like helmet, a swirling cape and some fantastic paint work, he’s much more interesting than B’wana Beast would ever be. Like Gardner, Doctor Polaris is standing tall with both hands clenched into fists while his cape sways behind him; it’s a great look for a guy who doesn’t need to attack physically.

The paint used is amazing. The blue is vibrant, while his black details are glossy and stand apart. Even his cape is purple and looks amazing. What’s most impressive though at the magnets on his cape are painted red with gray tips. It’s amazingly well done. Doctor Polaris moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

Two Green Lantern characters coming together in a single pack works great, since I’ve always been a supporter of making sure that most two-packs include an automatic battle, plus there’s no sign of Batman! While these figures feel slightly different, I’m really glad to have them and it makes me super excited about what’s to come with the DC Universe Action League.

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Written by jestergoblin

August 19th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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