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I loved Marvel Zombies when they first came out in the Ultimate Fantastic Four series. Sure, it was originally heralded as the first cross over between the 616 universe and the Ultimate universe (that didn’t actually happen until a vague off hand reference in She-Hulk during some crazy universe hopping). While I’m not the first person to make Marvel Zombie Super Hero Squad customs, I did try a different method to set mine apart from the absolutely amazing set made by MutieJoe.

Zombie Daredevil is a wave 1 Daredevil figure that has been mangled, burned and impaled. By using matches and a point-and-flame, I was able to create a unique look by actually burning the paint and plastic on the figure. The hole in the chest was made by impaling him with a screwdriver and then whittling it out more with an X-acto knife. His mouth was sculpted with sculpey and burned to give it a unique color and texture.

Zombie Iron Man isn’t a perfect adaptation of his zombie form which was based on his Proto Armor look, but since I didn’t have that horned faceplate armor, I made do with a few random pieces. His head and chest come from one of the modular armor suits, while his arms are from the original wave 1 Iron Man. He was burned, his armor got dented, his arc reactor has been cracked and he lost his left middle finger. He also happens to be missing everything from the waist down.

Zombie Wolverine is a wave 7 Wolverine that’s been chopped and burned. It’s hard to tell his his left foot and arms are mangled with his adamantium skeleton showing through. His mask is chopped and charred, probably from his fight with Silver Surfer and he’s covered in blood. Like Daredevil, Wolverine‘s mouth is scupley that’s been burned.

Bad things always happen to Peter Parker. Using the Spider-Man from wave 15 as a base, Zombie Spider-Man doesn’t look that different since his dark blue and dark red costume prevent blood from really showing up. His right arm and left thigh have been whittled into bony remains, while his face is mostly burned into oblivion. His mouth was sculpted into teeth, but got destroyed in the burning process.

Known as Colonel America (so I guess he got promoted) in the Zombie Universe, Captain America is in his Ultimates uniform simply because I didn’t have a 616 Cap around.  Burned, covered in blood and the top of his head is missing after a vicious battle with Magneto (who didn’t fare nearly as well).  I really like how pure white the eyes came out in him.

Bruce Banner had it tough as a zombie, since whenever he turned into the Hulk he would get super hungry and eat a lot, then turn back into Bruce and have his stomach explode. To make Zombie Hulk, he’s mostly this Hulk, but his left arm comes from a different Hulk. I burned half his face off after he got blasted by a cosmic beam by the Silver Surfer and then carved out a chunk of his chest. The rest of him is charred and covered in the remains of other less fortunate heroes.

I know these aren’t the most timely customs out there, but I figure Marvel Zombies are going to be one of those properties that isn’t even going to get the Super Hero Squad treatment. Be sure to check out the rest of my customs here.

Written by jestergoblin

August 31st, 2010 at 10:49 am

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