Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack Review: Jessie & Bullseye

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After seeing Toy Story 3 in theaters, I decided that there were still a few more of the Buddy Packs figures I wanted to get my hands most, mainly Jessie and Bullseye. Sure, I was reluctant after how off put I was by the Rex and Slinky Dog pack, but I figured I’ll bite the bullet and grab one more pack.

Introduced in Toy Story 2, Jessie is basically Woody as a girl. She’s crazy, fun and her weird proportions translate well into this Action League-like style. Jessie’s figure is styled just like Woody’s with odd creases for knees and a void of articulation. She only moves at the waist and neck, but her hat and ponytail limit it a lot.

Jessie looks good with her giant grin and her pose makes her look like she’s ready to go. Except she can’t stand, her giant head and hat make her back heavy and her spindly legs can’t support the weight. If this is how females are going to look in the Action League, I’m concerned.

The paint is mostly well done with her blue jeans, red hat and cowhide chaps. One odd thing about the paint is her hair and eyes are glossy while everything else is matte. What makes it even weirder is that her hair is supposed to be yarn.

Jessie comes with the horse, Bullseye! Woody’s ride, Bullseye is an odd figure since he has more in common with Trixie and Rex. Unarticulated except for his tail that rotates, Bullseye looks eager but has some weird sculpt issues.

Since Toy Story characters are based off toys, there’s a certain amount of leeway allowed in them. But in Bullseye’s case, he ends up looking weird because hit stitching lines and mold lines run opposite each other so the figure is covered in odd lines. Also, none of the figures are designed to be able to ride him which seems like an odd choice.

Like Jessie, Bullseye has balancing issues that are somewhat offset by the simple fact that he has four feet. With hollow legs, Bullseye leans forward a lot. It also means he doesn’t have holes in his feet. The paint on Bullseye is fine but not very exciting.

So this set is a cowgirl and a horse, but she can’t even ride the horse. That seems like failed execution. It’s like getting a Ghost Rider with a motorcycle he can’t ride or the Thing with a car he doesn’t fit in. Throw in the fact that these two both have balancing issues; it’s pretty apparent that while Buzz and Twitch were cool, they were exceptions, not the norm.

Written by jestergoblin

September 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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