Gormiti Atomic Series Review: Diamond & Sferst

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Sometimes I wonder what century Playmates Toys is still stuck in. Their Ninja Turtle line felt trapped in the early 90s and many of their properties just feel odd. The Gormiti are a line of horribly overpriced miniatures that are little more than painted M.U.S.C.L.E. Men but when I saw a two-pack marked down to only a dollar, I figured I should at least grab them to see what they’re all about.

The Gormiti is a licensed property originally from Italy that seems like an awkward amalgam of Battle Beasts, Pokémon and M.U.S.C.L.E. Men. Each figure is associated with one of the various nature tribes – earth, forest, sea, air, or volcano. And taking a page from the toys should also be a game book, there’s a quasi-card game associated with them too. It’s basically a glorified game of war that seems okay in theory. The rules on the back of the packaging say:

Each player adds the points printed on their Gormiti’s foot to the points listed on the matching Gormiti card. The player with the highest score wins!

Sure, it’s not too in depth but could easily add some extra flair to the toys without feeling really awkward and too complicated like Xevoz did.

Vulnerable and ever-anxious, Sferst tries to hide any way he can. If you meet face to face, beware of his mouth. Stand clear or his acid saliva will gush at you and you’ll discover, all too briefly, what it is like to be digested alive…

Sferst the Devourer is of the Forest Tribe and is a cross between a mutant Venus fly trap and a pitcher plant. Unarticulated, the figure stands just shy of two inches tall. He looks decent with some weird mouth, eyes on the side of his head and Venus fly traps for hands. It’s a good blend of plants that eat animals. His legs are arms look like they’re made of vines.

Sferst isn’t as detailed as his card image is, but it works. On his foot, he has a 1 and his card has a 5, giving him a total power of 6! But he really does look like something Poison Ivy would summon to battle Batman.

“The Gems of Muscar have increased my powers, making my diamond bullets truly lethal! There’s no point fleeing, my enemies, Diamond will hunt you down!” His new powers have transformed him from an obedient servant into a free spirit and an aggressive fighter.

Diamond, the Ancient Solider of the Earth Tribe is the “Atomic” figure in the pack – basically he has glow in the dark paint on him. Diamond’s card art makes him look cool with diamond spikes on his body and stony, angular edges. His figure though ends up looking like a radioactive monkey. The soft edges make his diamonds look like inflatable attachments.

Slightly taller than Sferst because of his weird hair style, Diamond had some sculpting that makes him look like he’s made of rock since he’s from the Earth Tribe, but the bright green colors make him look like he belongs to the Forest Tribe, especially since the card back shows him as being yellow.

Since he’s stronger, Diamond’s number is 8 and his foot has 2 on it, so he’d crush Sferst in a fight. Unless there is some elaborate weakness chart like in Pokémon, which I doubt there is.

One odd thing about the playing cards is that the back of each card isn’t actually identical. They all have a different secret code printed on the back, which seems really odd. Sure, it’s not like these are getting shuffled together into a deck but the idea of having cards with different backs seems very, very weird.

Normally, these packs retail for $6 each which feels like way too high of the price. Yes, the cards are neat and add some extra play value but the toys themselves aren’t worth $3 each. Even if a two-pack was $2, I wouldn’t buy them. They’re not bad, just horribly overpriced.

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October 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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