Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Battle for the Allspark

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The first wave of the Transformers movie Robot Heroes seemed a little off, like the style was still trying to find its sweet spot with designs. Sure, some of the figures looked good but others didn’t fare nearly as well. So with the release of Transformers 2, Hasbro went back to the drawing board and took a classic scene from the first movie to release as a multipack.

The final battle for the Allspark explodes as Autobots and Decepticons descend on Mission City. Each side is determined to leave this city victorious. No quarter is given as the mighty robots bring every ounce of their power to bear on the battle. They very air crackles with the energy of their weapons as the streets are blasted to pieces in the all-out fight.

This is a massive set that includes seven different figures in all! Three giant robots, three vehicles and a little Sam Witwicky to run through the chaos. It’s packed in the big, open window container similar to the Star Wars Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes and it really shows off Hasbro’s skill as designing excellent packaging. The best part is that the backdrop can be removed with a little patience and double as a play set! It’s a cityscape with some extra spots for a road ramp and a random spot to add some height. Best of all, the background is delightfully generic and works just as well with Combat Heroes and Super Hero Squad figures!

It’s almost impossible to have a Transformers multipack without Optimus Prime, but instead of giving us another robot, Hasbro is trying something new out by making some Transformers in their vehicle modes! So Optimus Prime is the red and blue flamed Peterbilt 379 semi-truck.

But since this is still in the Hasbro Heroes style, the vehicle has a bit of personality. The windshield is made to look like eyes with an eyebrow raised that really reminds me of the Cars cars. Prime’s rear wheels are putting out a cloud of smoke. The color ratios seem a tad off with Prime being much more red than blue, even though his robot mode is the opposite.

But the paint is mostly very well done. The blue and red flame decals are well applied and the windshield is a great metallic sky blue. But for some reason the side of his grill and the back of the cabin are left unpainted.

The other Autobot vehicle in the pack is Bumblebee! Done up as a 2006 Chevrolet Camaro concept car, Bumblebee really takes the cartoony look that Prime had in a completely different direction. The hood of the car is majorly bending downwards in a way that feels like it should be animated. Bumblebee is also blasting off the ground, like he just went off a ramp.

Like Prime, Bumblebee is hollow but it’s much more noticeable on him because you can see underneath. The paint is again almost perfect with clean, crisp black paint details, immaculately painted rims and Chevy insignia on the grill but for some reason the headlights were accidentally painted black too. His color of yellow doesn’t match his other figures either.

The only Decepticon vehicle in the pack is Starscream. Unlike the two Autobots, Starscream doesn’t really look anything like a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. Instead he’s kind of a generic, quasi-futuristic airplane-jet-spaceship-thingy. He’s also tiny, like half the size of Prime.

To make up for it, all of Starscream’s extra size comes from the cloud he’s launching out of. It’s painted teal, along with a silver and orange burst coming out of his tail. It’s definitely an odd color choice. Starscream’s wings are painted with generic geometric designs that don’t look Cybertronian, while his nose is painted black that makes it look like he has a beak.

There are two odd things about the vehicles. First off, none of them have insignias on them to differentiate what side they’re on, which seems really weird especially for Prime. The other odd thing is they’re solid plastic and have wheels sculpted into them that don’t do anything! I’d much rather have them without dust clouds and wheels so they can actually work as toy cars!

Since the Robot Heroes figures are supposed to be giant robots, you can’t have a regular sized human throw in with the mix. So this pack introduces a new size of figure, the inch and a half! Little Sam Witwicky is an odd size for a figure, since he doesn’t quite fit in with any of the lines given his size. But Shia LaBeouf does get to be one of the few people with two different characters in two different Hasbro Heroes lines.

Sam is posed to be in mid run, clutching the Allspark in his hand. The figure looks absolutely nothing like Shia LaBeouf though. He’s wearing a gray hoody, blue jeans and black shoes. To support him, he’s standing one some weird rubble. The paint is okay, but it’s really sloppy around the Allspark. Sam moves at the neck.

Fully transformed and ready to rumble is the Decepticon Brawl! Normally a Modified M1 Abrams Tank crossed with Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard (yes, it’s real), Brawl is a repaint of his figure that came out in wave 2 and accidentally went by the name “Devastator” in the first movie.

Brawl is a hulking figure that is also terrifyingly well-armed. In fact, he almost looks more like how I imagine Megatron should look than Megatron does. His right wrist is mounted with four guns, while he’s got a missile battery on each shoulder and two additional anti-aircraft guns coming out of his back – which really seems unnecessary since none of the Autobots fly. His left hand has a gun and two claws mounted on them. If that wasn’t enough, his knees have giant spikes on them! This guy is awesome.

Brawl looks really good with his squished, angry face and ample details that show off the fact that he can also be a tank. With simple paints, he’s mostly forest green with a few silver, gold and black details. Everything is well done and he’s even sporting a Decepticon logo in the center of his chest! Brawl moves at the shoulders and barely at the neck since his treads block the way.

The first version of Ratchet was an awkward looking figure. Really, really awkward looking and has since been banished to the bottom of my toy chest. So when a second version came along, I was plenty supportive. The awkward looking robot has gotten a complete overhaul and has bulked out and looks so much better.

Still the hideous neon green color that really makes me wonder if the Autobots understand how “blending in” works, Ratchet is bigger and better in every way. His sculpt has been simplified so he looks blockier but still has enough elements of being a Bay-former. His chest though is really the only part that looks like a vehicle where his brush guard makes up the front of him. But nothing about him screams Hummer H2 Search and Rescue Sport Utility Truck besides the grill and a little red line on his left forearm.

Ratchet’s face is sculpted much better this time around and features his old man whiskers. While he’s lacking a gun, the right hand has a buzz saw mounted onto it! The odd thing about Ratchet is that he’s just looking down. Ratchet moves at the shoulders and neck.

The final figure in the pack is none other than the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron! The first version of Megatron looked like an awkward amalgam of a stingray and a T-rex and for a second figure that’s supposedly based on the exact same model, they look worlds apart.

This version of Megatron actually seems to have more in common with Galvatron since he’s a repaint too. Megatron has replaced his right hand with a massive mace and is ready to battle, more accurately; he’s already started to battle. Megatron continues the trend of having part of a base, but this time it’s the blast from his mace hitting the ground.

Megatron’s body looks similar to his first release, but is much better painted this time around done in dark blues, gold and silver. But the biggest change is the head.

Megatron now sports some odd antennae and is sporting a giant, evil smile that looks right. His bright red eyes stand out and make him look menacing. Megatron still has the odd “wings” on his back. But he’s also lacking in articulation since he only moves at the left arm and neck.

This is an odd pack overall though since technically Ratchet is the only new addition. The vehicle mode versions of the characters are an interesting idea, but the execution just doesn’t work for me. If I’m going to get a toy of a car or a tractor trailer truck, I want it to be able to wheel around. But what’s most amazing about this set is the price, it normally goes for almost $25, but can now be found at clearance for almost half that price. This set isn’t perfect, but supplemented with a few of the two-packs and it’s a great battle in a box.

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