Disney Heroes Review: Pirates of the Caribbean

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When I first saw The Pirates of the Caribbean in theaters, my friend and I decided to do a double feature and saw Pirates and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. We watched LXG first and while that movie peaked when I turned to my friend and said, “Not even a guy with a flamethrower could save this movie,” and a guy with a flamethrower proceeded to walk on screen and my jaw dropped. So when we refilled our ICEE and popcorn, we had little hope for the Pirates of the Caribbean being good. And boy, were we wrong.

So when I found a little while ago that Disney World had exclusive sets of Pirates of the Caribbean characters done in a style similar to Hasbro Heroes, I knew I had to get them for my growing collection of tiny toys. Originally, the Pirates brand was so successful that there was going to be an animated series made and these figures are based off those designs.

Released in a six-pack at Disney World, these are certainly interesting figures. While they’re all unarticulated, they have much better sculpts and painting than the regular Hasbro Hero figure. More amazingly is the price; they’re only $13 a six-pack at the park! The only shame is, they’re only available at the park and if you want to get them online, expect to pay a premium (but remember you don’t have to fly to Florida and buy a pass to the park).

Captain Jack Sparrow looks like he’s either lost his sea legs or discovered a new flagon or two of rum, because he’s standing with an awful lean. Sadly, when taking him out of the packaging, his left leg popped off, but a little bit of glue put it back to normal. Wearing a stylized version of his classic costume, Jack’s cut back on the number of beads and braids covering him but still has the billowy shirt, vest, sash and three cornered hat.

Sword drawn, Jack’s sporting a great half-confused look on his face that matches the Johnny Depp’s portrayal character well. But for an odd reason, Jack is missing his classic pistol.

William Turner is tagging along in a pose that is identical to Snake Eyes. Sword raised above his head, hand outstretched and aiming his empty hand. Will is wearing his pirate clothing, so it’s got a vest and billowy shirt that looks good.

While Will doesn’t look anything like Orlando Bloom, it is nice that his face is completely different from Jack’s. The paint is well done and Will would work fine as any generic pirate stand in.

For the heroes to fight, Captain Barbarossa is included. Instead of being his undead self, Barbarossa looks sickly pale and deranged. His tattered clothes make him look like the Barbarossa from the first movie. Brandishing his giant sword, his crazy eyes look great along with his unkempt hair and snarling face. He’s even sporting grotesquely long fingernails!

But Barbarossa has a few issues. First is his poor balance, he doesn’t like to stand needed to be boiled and set to balance right. He’s also suspiciously lacking a gun, apple and Jack the monkey which is a real shame. Also on the back of his head, part of his hair is painted light blue to match the feather in his cap.

The other aquatic captain in the set is Davey Jones! The squidified pirate that scours the seas for souls to serve his ship, the Flying Dutchman, he looks very unique. Wearing a once ornate outfit, Jones looks like he’s been spending a lot of time at the bottom of the ocean. His clothes are ripped and tore and covered in seaweed, barnacles and algae. His tentacle beard and awkwardly long fingers all show off his inhuman characteristics.

Sadly, Davy Jones also suffers from poor balance issues, but at least he can blame his peg leg. But when combined with his giant hat, he’s so back heavy that his cane does little to help keep him up. Sure, he’s weaponless too but he happens to have a giant claw for a hand.

A generic skeleton soldier is included in the pack too. He looks good, wearing ragged remains of a shirt and pants along with a headband and an impressive shock of hair. The skeletal remains are well sculpted, but fit in great with the cartoony atmosphere. He’s even got a slight wash on his legs to add some discolor to his bones. He’s a great little skeletal crony even if he doesn’t match up to any character in Pirates of the Caribbean in particular.

The final figure in the set is an odd one. Instead of giving us Elizabeth Swan in her pirate regalia, Disney included the dog that had the keys in the jail cell. But this isn’t just some generic dog sitting down; it’s clearly designed to look like one of the puppies from Lady and the Tramp! It’s a great little nod to Disney fans, but I would have much preferred Elizabeth in the pack.

If you’re at Disney and like both the Pirates of the Caribbean series and mini figures done in this style, there’s no reason not to pick it up for less than the price of two Super Hero Squad two-packs. Articulation would have been nice, and the complete absence of guns is baffling, but aside from a few balance issues, these are great figures. On top of that, they’re pirates! Now if only a second pack would get made that includes Elizabeth Swan.

Written by jestergoblin

September 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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