Disney Heroes Review: Pixar Collection

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The first Disney Heroes pack I reviewed took a single property and made most of the main characters from it. While I only grabbed two of the sets, this second one focuses on three of Pixar’s films: The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story. Taking two characters from each property, you end up with a very odd six-pack.

When I first saw the Incredibles, the only word I could use to describe it was “incredible” and I still think it’s the best Fantastic Four movie released. So when I found out I could get two of the characters done in a style similar to the Super Hero Squad, I jumped for them. Mr. Incredible, the once great hero of his time before being banished into a version of witness protection by the government, is a massive figure. With the powers of super strength and super durability, Mr. Incredible was done in an oversized style. Giant hands and feet, and an even bigger torso, with him hunched over, Mr. Incredible is almost three inches tall.

Posed hunched over and looking ready for a brawl, Mr. Incredible has a great grimace on his face with focused eyes behind his sculpted domino mask. His outfit is classically “heroic” with a red suit, and black boots, gloves and undies. His orange belt is a tad thin though and looks more like a misapplication at first. His face is impeccable and he ends up looking a lot like Brock Samson. His chest decal is perfect and the only flaw in his paint is a tiny area on his left glove that isn’t fully covered. Just like the Pirates figures, these are all unarticulated.

Paired up with Mr. Incredible is Syndrome! Originally Incredi-Boy before being spurned by his hero, Syndrome used his genius intellect to devise all sorts of gadgets in his quest to kill off all the super heroes (okay, technically they weren’t called “super heroes” but that’s only because Marvel and DC own a joint copyright on the term). Syndrome looks like he would fit right in with the Hasbro Heroes.

Reaching our with a deranged open mouth grin, Syndrome looks like a crazy bad guy. His costume has all the classic motifs – domino mask, cuffed gloves, giant boots, a windswept cape and a fantastic looking chest piece that manages to incorporate his S emblem along with a pair of white undies. With his giant hair piece, Syndrome comes in at just under two and half inches.

The paint is well done with his vibrant hair, pale skin tone and dynamic black and white contrast. His pot belly works great and actually makes sense for a scientist (I mean, seriously, when does Reed Richards work out?) and Syndrome would be perfect teamed up with Doctor Doom.

Toy Story has its own Toy Box Heroes line before the license went to Mattel and it became the Buddy Packs line, but these Disney Heroes are a look all of their own. Woody is a much different take on his figure, now with a giant oversized head and an odd glare that makes me hear, “Reach for the skies!” every time I see him. His arms are spindly, his body is small and he just looks really off.

The odd face works in one very specific situation, and since Woody looks like he’s reaching for his gun, it’s okay but it makes Woody look far more nefarious than he should. Plus his head is absolutely giant! From the neck down, he’s a fine figure but I just can’t get past the head that’s three sizes too large.

Woody comes with his best pal Buzz Lightyear. Done in a matching style to Woody, Buzz just looks very, very odd. From the neck down, he’s great. All his appropriate parts are green and purple; his chest logo is there and even includes tiny text that says “LIGHTYEAR.” His wings are popped and his right hand is stretched out like he’s thinking of pushing a button.

But the face is an odd one. It’s not nearly as bad as Woody’s and if the paint was different, it’d be fine. Instead, Buzz has an awkward color that makes him look sick. Combined with him looking at something off to the left above him, it just looks weird. Like he’s been caught trying to push a button he shouldn’t be pushing while being sick.

The final inclusions are both from the amazing Monsters, Inc. The big blue Sully is a giant figure, and I mean giant. At two and half inches tall, four inches wide and three inches deep, he feels like four or five regular figures worth of plastic. He’s also solid plastic.

Posed like he’s about to scare Boo, Sully doesn’t quite look like his normal self. The wide eyes and oo-ing mouth just aren’t the big blue guy’s iconic look in my mind. Sully really is hurt by not having any articulation, which is made worse by the fact that you can plainly see where he’s glued together and could have easily had joints. The sculpt though is fantastic with all of his fur sculpted on.

Sully’s got great paint with his teal blue fur coat with purple spots, burgundy claws and turquoise nose. If he had a different head, he’d be perfect.

Instead of Mike Wazowski, Sully comes paired up with his nemesis, Randall! A cross between a serpent and a centipede, Randal is a creature of nightmares. Posed with four arms ready to grab and a terrifying grin on his face, Randall looks scary with his eyes focused on his prey. He’s covered in scales and markings too.

One thing about Randall that bugs me is the shade of purple used on him, it’s far too light. Especially considering the color on his back is the perfect shade for his slimy chameleon-like monster to be. Randall’s tale is light blue and his head spurs are pink. Most of Randall’s limbs are flexible plastic, allowing them to move some. He’s also a great size and fits in very well with other lines as a generic monster.

This pack didn’t excite me quite the same way as the Pirates one. Mr. Incredible and Syndrome are great, while Sully and Randall are good toys. But Buzz and Woody just feel awkward. I would have much preferred getting an Incredibles set with Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Frozone and Syndrome (maybe with a little baby Jack too) along with a Monsters Inc set with Mike, Sully, Randall, Boo, Mr. Henry J. Waternoose III and Celia but that’s just me being greedy. But I still can’t get past the unsettling looks on Buzz and Woody. It’s a good pack and a great way to honor Pixar, but part of me knows that it could just have been better.

Written by jestergoblin

September 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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