Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad Review: Armor Vault

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Iron Man is lucky when it comes to being a toy, he can get away with a lot more than most. When a pack of four different Wolverine figures gets released, it’s boring. When Batman gets a crazy coat of paint, it’s weird. But when Iron Man shows up in something weird, it’s usually cool.

Tony Stark has created dozens of versions of the Iron Man armor over the years. Most of them are just prototypes, intended to prove a concept. A few, however, are powerful, specialized suits of armor far too dangerous to display in his Hall of Armor. These he keeps in a reinforced vault, always ready to launch into action.

Sure, years later that reinforced vault would turn out to not be that secure when Ghost broke into it and Norman Osborn stole a suit of armor to become the Iron Patriot. But the idea that these suits of armor wouldn’t be on display is odd because these are some of the most visually interesting suits Tony’s ever made!

Just called “Iron Man” on the box, this suit of armor is now ironically known as the “Modern Armor Iron Man.” It’s a variation of the Extremis armor and was the suit Tony was wearing in most of the 2000s. It’s also the main inspiration for Iron Man’s Mark III armor in the movies.

A brand new sculpt, the armor has a new pose for Iron Man that we haven’t seen before. He’s reclining a bit and can have both arms outstretched with his repulsors ready for action. The figure feels big, but feels right because this is a guy wearing a suit of iron armor after all. The suit is well sculpted with overlapping parts and various mechanical touches.

Iron Man moves at the shoulders and waist allowing him to get some decent poses. One odd thing about this figure though is the face, the vacant white eyes and gaping black mouth just look very off. Combined with his neck angle and he’s looking at the ground – not straight ahead! The rest of the paint is good, with Iron Man being maroon and yellow which helps set him apart from other suits.

In the realm of awesome repaints is Torpedo Armor Iron Man. I don’t know if this suit is made to launch torpedoes or made to protect the wearer against torpedoes, but it’s a simple repaint that looks really cool. One of War Machine’s suits, but it’s now done in black and blues that make it almost feel like a stealth suit. There’s nothing else new besides the paint, but the paint does a lot.

The glossy blues and black really make this look like a brand new suit. Throw in the shoulder mounted weapons and the red eyes, repulsor and arc reactor and this figure just looks really cool. It reminds me a lot of the various armors Tony would wear during the Marvel Action Hour. It’s a much better variant than the “War Machine” in the Crimson Dynamo Attacks pack. Torpedo Armor Iron Man moves at the waist and shoulders.

The other armor repaint is one that doesn’t make any sense but looks absolutely awesome. A repaint of the Hulkbuster Mark I armor, this version for some unknown reason is done in blacks and maroons making it look more like a robotic Carnage than Iron Man. A figure that hasn’t been seen in a few years, it’s a good sculpt to reuse.

Hulkbuster Iron Man still moves at the shoulders and waist, making him a lumbering beast. But it all works fine. Sure, the color choice makes no sense but if you’re looking for an evil, alternate universe version of Iron Man, this would be a great one to use! After all, Spider-Man once bonded with the Carnage Symbiote to form Spider-Carnage, so this could be a different take on that! But it’s also just a good piece of the armory because the colors are so unique and stand out.

While this pack is just three Iron Man armors, they all look great. Getting the modern armor, even with its flaws, is a nice addition but the real draws for me are the two oddly colored suits. I love how the Torpedo Armor looks and the Hulkbuster is just so out-there that it looks great and gets the imagination reeling. But as I’ve said before, I love evil versions of heroes, so anything that evokes that gets a plus in my book.

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September 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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