Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: Darth Vader & the Emperor

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Hasbro, we need to have a little talk. I’m not horribly dedicated to the Galactic Heroes line and yet somehow I’ve ended up with four Darth Vaders now. I mean, sure, I have more than my fair share of Wolverines and Spider-Men. But one-fifth of all the Galactic Heroes packs I’ve purchased have included Darth Vader. Can we stop, please?

There isn’t much new to say about this Darth Vader figure that I haven’t already said twice already. He’s big, bulky, oddly hollow and definitely showing his age – especially when compared to the infinitely better version. It’s a figure that’s almost a decade old already!

Darth Vader still moves at the shoulders, still has a cloth cape and has some ever so minor differences in his paint that you’d only notice if you were actively looking. He’s pretty much identical to the one that came with the Stormtrooper except for one minor difference: the lightsaber.

Like Darth Maul and Count Dooku, this is the first version of Darth Vader to get a red, translucent blade. That’s the only difference.

Paired up again with his apprentice is the Emperor, only this time he isn’t holographic. Wearing flowing black robes and a hood, this Emperor isn’t just a live video feed. His right hand is clutching a glossy black cane while his left is crackling with force lightning. The face is decent but looks oddly friendly. If he had a different skin tone, he’d just be a friendly looking old guy shooting ligthning.

Articulation is minimal. The Emperor moves at the wrists and neck but he really only has a single pose. His hood makes moving his neck near impossible, while his cane almost always has to be touching the ground to make sense. Only his lightning works in a few different angles.

Paint is pretty non-existent since the Emperor is almost solid black. Only his hands and face aren’t. The skin has a good sickly tone with individually painted fingernails. The face is kind of odd; since the shadows are painted under his eyes making him kind of look like a 10 year old girl who just discovered mom’s eye shadow.

So this pack includes two great Siths, but I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by it. The Emperor is a fine update and looks decent. But Darth Vader seems to just be getting ever-so-minor upgrades each time that I’m sick of them. Sure, he’s the best version of this sculpt so far but that’s not saying a whole bunch.

Written by jestergoblin

October 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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