Star Wars Galactic Heroes Review: Pre Vizsla and Mandalorian Warrior

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It seems like every time I think I’m done with Galactic Heroes, a new set comes out that draws me right back in. Like every boy that grew up in the 70s and 80s, I’m naturally drawn to Boba Fett and any character that looks like him. So when it was announced that a two-pack of Pre Vizsla and a Mandalorian warrior were coming out, I knew I’d end up grabbing them even if I knew nothing about them.

Over the years, it’s been retconned multiple times about just where Boba Fett got his awesome looking armor. Instead of saying he made it, they said he got it from his dad. And his dad actually got it from a warrior race of guys dressed like Boba Fett allowing George Lucas to make as many multicolored Boba Fett figures as he desired. Oddly enough, I’m okay with this.

The Mandalorian Warrior is a generic soldier of the Death Watch group – a group of splinter Mandalorians who wanted to return to being a super warrior race. I haven’t watched any of the Clone Wars but they sound evil. I mean, any group called “Death Watch” probably isn’t on the good guys’ side.

While he (or maybe she) looks a lot like Jango Fett but a few shades darker, which makes him look that much cooler. Wearing a blue jump suit with dark gray armor over it, the Mandalorian Warrior just oozes great design – even if it is a design we’ve seen before. Without the kibble of Boba Fett’s trinkets or Jango’s dents, it’s clear how these warriors would quickly become imposing.

There’s not much to say about the sculpt other than it looks really good. The warrior is wearing the appropriate jetpack and is holding a rather large pistol in the right hand. The warrior even is articulated at the shoulders! The paint is all very well done and there are symbols on both shoulders that are clean but I have no idea what they mean and I can only spend so much time on Wookieepedia before going crazy.

Leading the new Death Watch is Pre Vizsla, who seems to have been created using the premise of “how could Boba Fett look cooler?” The answer seemed to be giving him a matching color scheme, a nice gun and a sweet looking sword. While Vizsla looks a lot like his Mandalorian lackey, he’s a completely different sculpt! His head has a slight turn to the right but their armor is near identical.

To help set him apart; Vizsla is sporting a smaller pistol with a sweeping cape over his right shoulders. In his left hand, he’s clenching a black sword that is the “Darksaber” not to be confused with the other Darksaber. Pre Vizsla moves at the shoulders and left wrist, which allows for him to rest his blade behind his head.

The paint is impeccable. Pre Vizsla has his white trident emblem above his visor and his cape/shawl even has the black Death Watch logo on it. His blade is black and glossy with white cracks that helps set it apart as some weird material since most of the figure is matte. He’s even got red and blue lines running down his sides that add some nice color to his dark gray on darker blue outfit.

While I know next to nothing about these figures since I barely even skimmed their articles, I’ve got to say these are both some fantastic toys. Their designs are well executed and they both look unique. Sure, they’re little more than a Boba Fett repaint, but that’s why they work so well. Any kid would have fun with these two masked warriors and any collector will find them great looking.

Written by jestergoblin

September 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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