Adventure Heroes Review: Colonel Dovchenko & Indiana Jones with the Crystal Skull

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I never saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but when I came across the Adventure Heroes packs based on the film for absurdly cheap, I figured I might as well grab them. Each pack had at least one figure I found interesting, and in this one it was Colonel Dovchenko.

Dovchenko is an evil Russian soldier and that’s all I know about him. That and IMDB tells me he was played by Igor Jijikine. He’s evil, he’s Russian and he’s a fantastic generic soldier figure! Wearing an olive green jumpsuit with a gray harness, there’s nothing on Dovchenko that associates him with any military group. In fact, his hat looks like it has the US Seal on it! He’d be right at home in between a few Combat Heroes.

Articulated only at the shoulders, Dovchenko doesn’t do much besides grimace and aim his AK-47 at people. But he doesn’t need to do anything else. His paint is exceptional too with even the buckles on his harness being painted! There’s no slop, no spill over or anything. The guy even has collar pins that are shaped like birds! It’s all impressive.

Like most Adventure Heroes packs, this includes Indiana Jones himself! While Harrison Ford may have aged, Indy doesn’t look any older. His five-o-clock shadow has turned into almost a beard though. Indy is wearing his classic brown coat with khakis and his fedora. Amazingly, it’s all a brand new sculpt.

Indiana’s whip is in his left hand while his right is clutching the translucent blue Crystal Skull, which is very alien looking with a crazy long head. It looks good and seems to match up with what I’ve seen. For articulation, Indy only moves at the shoulders making him the least articulated Indiana Jones figure.

The paint is pretty basic, a bunch of browns and tans. But what’s impressive is how many different shades of brown and tan are used, his shirt, shoes, jacket, holster, bag and whip are all different colors! His face well done with his bright white teeth shining though and the skull adds some much needed color to the figure.

And that’s it. There’s nothing mind bending or groundbreaking about this pack, but that’s fine. Indiana Jones is Indiana Jones, add in that he’s got a giant blue thing in his hands and he’s a fine figure. Not a great one, but a solid version of the doctor. For me, the real draw is Colonel Dovchenko. He’s a great, generic looking solider that would be right at home in almost any of the Hasbro Heroes lines.

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Colonel Dovchenko & Indiana Jones with the Crystal Skull
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Written by jestergoblin

October 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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