Combat Heroes Review: Breaker & Civilian Storm Shadow

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When G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra took the classic Real American heroes and turned them into a multi-national elite military group fighting terrorism, which meant a few classic characters got changed. Besides Cobra Commander’s new look, the classic bubble gum chewing Breaker went from a guy from Tennessee to a Moroccan.

The Joes communication expert, Breaker was similar to Donatello in that he was the technological guy and that theme got carried over into the movie. Posed in a squat like Firefly, Breaker is a weaponless figure but makes up for it given the absurd amount of technology on him. His left hand is clutching a communicator of some sort while his watch is clearly more than just a regular watch given its size. He’s also got a very odd headset with eye cover that just screams over the top.

Breaker’s outfit is fairly uninspired. He’s just wearing a camouflage vest and pants, with a black shirt and combat boots. There’s just not a whole lot about him that’s super exciting. The part of the face that’s visible looks good but doesn’t really resemble Saïd Taghmaoui beyond having a beard, mustache and looking vaguely non-Caucasian. He’s posed to be crouching down with his right hand up at his head adjusting his thingamajig. Breaker moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is decent but not terribly exciting either. Breaker’s clothes are black and gray, but it’s all well painted. His left shoulder emblem suffers from being yellow over black, and the metallic blue shade on his equipment looks a tad odd. But the skin tone and face work are great.

It’s casual day on Cobra’s side with Storm Shadow showing up in his day-off-from-work leisure suit. Wearing an all white suit with an unbuttoned collar and white sneakers, Storm Shadow doesn’t really look like he’s ready for a fight. If it weren’t for the throwing star in his hand, he’d just be a guy in a suit!

Storm Shadow has a very odd haircut with some super long hair that covers his right eye. He moves at the shoulders and neck, but balance can be iffy at times depending on the pose.

Paint is practically non-existent since Storm Shadow is cast in white plastic and is wearing a white suit, white shirt with white shoes. The only paint are his hands, face, hair, throwing star and single white Cobra insignia on his left shoulders. Thankfully, all the paint is done well and he doesn’t suffer from scuffing like some figures painted white.

Is this pack super exciting? No, not really but the customizer in me loves getting a guy in a plain suit – it’s a perfect base for a Tony Stark! Breaker isn’t exciting, but give him a robot or something big to control and he’s a perfect scientist guy. As for Storm Shadow, he’s better than his first movie version but that’s not saying a whole lot.

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Breaker & Civilian Storm Shadow
Snow Storm Shadow & Ice-Viper
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Written by jestergoblin

October 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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