Custom Combat Hero: Pimp Daddy Destro

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The legend of Pimp Daddy Destro is a fascinating example of how the toy collecting community doesn’t make any sense. Odd repaints fill collectors with rage, but if you go just a bit further into the completely insane realm, collectors love it. So after coming across several extra Combat Heroes packs for absurdly cheap, I knew this was a repaint that had to be done.

PDD is made from a wave 2 Combat Heroes Destro and a lot of paint. It’s not an exact replica of the hideous leopard print and purple suit, but I think it works very well as a Hasbro Heroes-stylized version of the look. Though I’ve got to say I’m very tempted to rip the hat off Indiana Jones so Destro can really look classy.

You can find all my other customs here.

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September 12th, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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