Super Hero Squad Review: Wolverine & Juggernaut

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It’s amazing that the Super Hero Squad has managed to have 20 different waves. Sure, some of them were kind of small, but another one was huge so I guess it evens out. Lately though, Hasbro has been going back to classic figures and giving some of them much needed updates.

Metal-clawed mutant hero!

At least this wave only has Spider-Man and Wolverine and didn’t feel the need to include a third member of the horribly overrepresented squad. Wolverine is a repaint of his figure that came out in wave 15 with Silver Samurai. Wearing the second version of his Astonishing X-Men uniform, Wolverine is a solid figure from the neck down. Both claws are popped; one of them is outstretched while the other is coming up for a slice. His feet are apart and he’s ready to brawl. Even his costume is absurdly detailed, with all the lines being sculpted in.

But the face is just odd. I’m sure the goal was to make a screaming Wolverine face. And in that regard, Hasbro succeeded. Wolverine does look like he’s screaming, but not in the “I’m going to kill you, Sabretooth!” way but more in the “I just saw a giant spider! Someone kill it for me!” way. It’s not a very Wolverine-like face. Wolverine moves at the shoulders, waist and neck but his chin rests on his chest making some movement a little off.

The paint is well done though. The blue is very dark and contrasts nicely with the goldenrod yellow. There are even black geometric designs on the boots and gloves. His claws are silver and his gold belt looks good too. It’s a fine paint job and is able to keep the yellow and blue apart without bleeding, which is always appreciated.

Unstoppable mystical menace!

Surprisingly the Juggernaut has gotten released three times already, but this time he’s got a new look. Still in his classic costume, Cain Marko is done more in the animated style similar to Doctor Doom from wave 18. Instead of charging forward, Juggernaut is rather mobile and can vary his pose between smashing, charging or just standing in place. This is all possible thanks to his four points of articulation at the shoulders, waist and neck. Sure, the neck is an odd choice, but it adds a lot to the figure.

One thing about Juggernaut that feels a little off is the figure feels just a tiny bit too small. He’s wide and bulky, but doesn’t have the right amount of girth. At this scale it can be really difficult to get the proportions right but Juggernaut is just a smidge too small for my liking.

The paint is probably the worst in the wave. His boots and belt are done well, but his arms bands are sloppy and the shade of red used makes it look like his arms are covered in blood. Another odd part of Juggernaut are his eyes, the eyebrows are so close to his eyes that it looks like he’s got some serious eyelashes – which completely explains why Juggernaut looks so unhappy.

This pack just isn’t that exciting for me, but I do like this version of the Juggernaut more than the original crashing forward sculpt. The added articulation really helps the figure. Wolverine isn’t that exciting. If he had a different head, he’d be a fine figure but the whole screaming so much his jaw has been dislocated look needs to be fixed.

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September 17th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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