Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Ronan the Accuser

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The normal Marvel guys on earth – the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and all of them rarely interact with the Cosmic Marvel Universe. Well, besides the Fantastic Four and the Avengers used to spend a lot more time in space. And so did the X-Men.  Okay, so basically everyone in Marvel gets to go into space except Daredevil and Punisher.

Web-slinging Avenger!

Remember back when Spider-Man wasn’t an Avenger? When he was just down on his luck Peter Parker who had to sow his suits by hand and had a hard life? Or how about the time when he was married to a beautiful super model  and got to hang out with Iron Man and Captain America all of the time before making a deal with Mephisto to undo it all to save Aunt May who has been trying to die for the last 50 years! Isn’t continuity fun?

This is a brand new version of Spider-Man and either has some major paint issues or is the first artist specific figure in the Super Hero Squad. Spidey is in an odd pose. He’s hunched over, kneeling on the ground with his right hand pointing and his left at a very awkward angle ready to shoot webs. It’s like some twisted version of Spidey in a gang holding his web shooter sideways.

Strapped to Spidey’s back is a web backpack that shows off his camera. It’s a classic Spider-Man motif and is kind of neat to get this along with the web shield. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders, waist and neck but has an awkward balance point so a lot of poses don’t work.

The paint is mixed and probably very screwed up. Since Spider-Man’s costume is so classic, not many artists have been able to put their stamp on the suit. Ditko was known for small eyes, while McFarlane went with giant eyes. But the right eye on Spidey has a lot of black around it that really reminds me of Humberto Ramos’s work. But his left eye is absolutely massive – like they put the white paint on after the black by accident.

Super powerful alien enforcer!

When I think of characters that need to be paired up with Spider-Man, Ronan the Accuser isn’t even on that list. Hell, Batman is on that list before Ronan the Accuser. But someone at Hasbro must like the blue faced Kree because this is his second toy in just a few years.

Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Ronan the Accuser is the one who brought Earth to the Kree Empire’s attention. He also sent Captain Mar-Vell to Earth. Ronan is an interesting looking guy that hides his advance technology behind a guise of almost looking medieval. Wearing little more than a green tunic, a cloak, mask and gauntlets, Ronan doesn’t look like much.  The figure is almost too basic looking. His empty face is expressionless as he stares out. He’s also in the classic Galactic Heroes pose, which actually kind of makes sense for a guy who hangs out in space all the time. Ronan moves at the shoulders and neck.

In Ronan’s right hand is his “Cosmi-Rod” which looks suspiciously like a hammer but is a Universal Weapon. According to Wikipedia it has the powers of: “disintegration, rearrangement, and transmutation of matter, the projection of concussive energy blasts, the absorption of energy, control over gravity, the creation of force fields and “time-motion displacement fields” and interstellar teleportation along hyperspatial passages.” That’s absurd. Ronan’s paint is very well done. The greens used for his clothes are much more vibrant than his Marvel Legends figure, which makes sense for this scale. The blue of his skin is great and the details on his Universal Weapon Cosmi-Rod Hammer are very well done too.

When this pack first got announced, there was a bunch of concern over whether it included Ronan or Ronin; thankfully we didn’t get another dose of Ronin crammed down our throats. Ronan isn’t terribly exciting, but he’s a great addition to the cosmic Marvel Universe. As for Spider-Man, it’s an interesting execution but I’d rather Hasbro spent their money on giving new characters over new versions of Spider-Man.

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September 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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